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It’s easy to watch the athletes on TV and think, “Oh, man! Look at those fit people! Too bad I’m a business guy! I’ll never be as fit as them!” And you’re right; you probably never will be. But you CAN be a lesser degree of less fit than you are now! How? By investing in a healthier desk option for your office!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “A healthy desk? What’s that? A desk with less mayonnaise?” Well, that depends on how much mayonnaise you generally use on your desk, but no, actually that wasn’t really what I was talking about at all. I was suggesting that you get an exercise-enabled desk.

Now, the clear choice for a healthier desk would be a standing desk or a treadmill desk, but c’mon! You don’t attend the Sean Adams University of Business Development Management Leadership because you make clear choices! No, you're more adventurous than that! You want to try something new, something exciting, something like one of these:

A Swimming Desk: What sounds nicer: filling out some spreadsheets and then going to grab a glass of water, or filling out some spreadsheets and then doing a few laps in the water? All you need is an office with a pool in it and a way to use your computer while being fully submerged in water! It's that simple!

A Chasing Desk: Wanna take a break? Fine. Seriously, go ahead. Just get up, turn around, AND RUN LIKE CRAZY BECAUSE THAT DESK IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

A Hiking Desk: Like the walking aspect of the treadmill desk but want some fresh air? Put your desk on some all-terrain tires and take it for the hike! (You might need to wait 5-12 years for one of these so that they can add wi-fi to nature).

A Hurdle Desk: Step 1 – put your keyboard at one end of the desk; step 2 – put your mouse at the other end of the desk; step 3 – put a hurdle where your chair would be, in the middle of your desk; step 4 – jump into your healthy new workspace!

A Boxing Desk: Wanna get into your computer and check your email, maybe fill out a few forms, get ahead on that big project? Then you better glove up! Because this desk’s not letting you log in without a fight!

A Yoga Desk: With this its odd, modern design, you can really only use stuff when you’re in the king pigeon pose.

Those are my ideas for exercise-enabled desks. Now, share yours in the comments!


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I would like a billiards desk, because then I could keep my coffee mug in the side pocket nearest me and use the triangle to support my laptop so it didn't overheat. And if someone called it a snooker desk or a pool desk I could get furious and say NO! IT'S A BILLIARDS DESK!

Hi, I'm one of the writers. My powers are limited but I'll do what I can.


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My wish is for something far more practical, mundane, and more than likely something that exists: the treadmill desk. Why not walk and work all day?

Let's check Amazon.com--yup, it exists. http://www.amazon.com/Trek-TD-01-TrekDesk-Treadmill-Desk/dp/B002IYRBI0


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I thought this was Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership? Not Sean Adams University of Business Development Management Leadership? Did I show up at the wrong college? Everything I know is a lie...

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