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Well, all good things must come to an end. What you're looking at today is the very last Flash In The Brain Pain, at least for some time. From now on, you'll get your gaming fix from our new pal Seth Macy with Game Fight! But I just couldn't leave you without saying thank you for all your love, attention, and mouse clicking. Our goodbye game is the very appropriately timed Give Up.

After the jump, I'll tell you more.

As you'll likely know from, oh, any other game with a computer in it, ALL CYBER-LIFE FORMS ARE JERKS! That's probably why Tasselfoot has trapped you in a never-ending death maze. Except there's a twist: you can leave any time you want! All you have to do… is Give Up.

Tap that big blue button, and you're done. You're out. You get the shame of the bad ending. Lots of passive-aggressive consoling. Lots of soft music. A few pretty pictures and the credits. But if you go on, you can win! As long as you don't collapse from the pressure.

The level design gets stupider and stupider, and you absolutely WILL get annoyed. But keep on going! Because if you want to see the "good" ending, you must not Give Up!

QP's handed out on Monday if you post your scores in the thread, and watch for Seth's column on Thursday from now on. Of course I'll still be around with Music Monday and Woot Weads The Wire and you can always message me via the forums if you've got a good flash game for me to play. Because who knows? Maybe we'll dust off the ol' Brain Pan on special occasions!

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Noooo.... Say it ain't so!

Flash in The Brain Pan is the best thing about fridays at wor... er.. ...in my non-office hours... Yeah!

It will definitely be missed!



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curtise wrote:
It will definitely be missed!

Agreed. I don't think I've ever commented and I often forget to actually try the game (you know, you read the blog somewhere that's totally not at work, then get home and are too busy remembering all those really important things you should be doing Friday evening to go back).

However, even as a general non-gamer, it's been fun. Almost all the games have been new to me and I think all of them have been at least interesting, most fun.


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jcolag wrote:Agreed. I don't think I've ever commented


No, really, I appreciate knowing that we're loved, and there's a good chance our Brain Pan will reappear from time to time with no warning. Think of it as the Doctor Who season that was nothing but specials!

don't ask me i don't know any hallways


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Slydon wrote:SO YOU ARE TO BLAME

In aggregate, that's fair, even if joking. And it's one of the reasons I've started posting here and there after a couple of years as just a customer.

Heh. Not "Brain Pan," though, since a three weeks later, "that was kind of fun" wasn't going to persuade anybody...


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Hey guys, am I late for the party??????

B.O. Sea #15: 08/22/13