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Mortimer's excited to go back to school and finally earn that degree he may or may not have lied about already having.

Can you blame him for wishing he was living the student life again? Heck, what with our "Dealgebra" event going on this week, pretty much everyone at Woot's got at least a mild case of college fever. Or academic itch. Or back-to-schooliosis.


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I actually do have a Star Wars lunch box that I take to work every day. It is a little small sometimes but it gets the job done.


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How can I go to Simian Central State?

Proudly tracking via WootStalker.com


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Back to school!
Bonus points for mentioning the Triple Lindy


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Ah, crap. The corporate transformation of Woot continues. Now they are coming after Mortimer.


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WilfBrim wrote:Now they are coming after Mortimer.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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"Preferably before Tina from HR gets back from her lunch break".

Leave it to Mortimer. Funny stuff right there. I love these guys.