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We schlubs in the Woot podcast studio don't often get to play with the sale items. Lucky us that the Kite Train should be the exception!

At the risk of sounding like a shill, and compromising the Wootcast's sterling reputation for integrity: This thing was all kinds of fun. It couldn't have been easier to fly, even on a day that seemed almost windless, and it was a potent attention-getter and conversation-starter with all the passers-by. Fly this on a crowded beach and just see if you don't make friends.

Ooh, you know what would be fun? Flying this thing from a boat. (Wonder if we could finagle a sample boat on the pretense of product-testing?)

Anyway, yeah, four thumbs up for the Kite Train. It was cool.


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You have a sort of boat. You could fly them from your inflatable paddle board.


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Or one of the Sea Eagle 8's from Sport.woot. Seriously, I just don't think you guys tried hard enough.


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thePenrod wrote:I just don't think you guys tried hard enough

It's basically our motto.


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matthew wrote:It's basically our motto.

I TRIED you just told me i had to stop flying kites and go back to the office

don't ask me i don't know any hallways


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I heard from a little birdie (no, none of those birds you know;) that these are going to be tethered to the space needle for the Seattle Center's 50th anniversary! Hmmmmm?!

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