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I bought these at Costco and paid twice as much ( but they were new). My major complaint was that they were extremely uncomfortable with my glasses. The sound was ok and it paired well. I also had a problem with them staying in place when I moved my head from side to side. Neither size of earbud would fit in my ear. The big ones worked best and they sort of hover close to your ear. For 25 bucks I would recommend them for someone who needs bluetooth and doesn't wear glasses. I ended up buying the LG HBS-70 and like them better.


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Bought a pair of these back in April. Uncomfortable, poor sound and poorly refurbished. Also, the ear buds pop off too easily.

Haven't touched them since mid-May. Not recommended.


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Don't waste your money on these headphones. Following is a direct quote from a review of this model by PC Magazine, review date: November 4, 2010:
"Horrible sound quality with music." "We're not sure what happened here, but Motorola has blown it with the S10-HD, a stereo Bluetooth headset that sounds markedly worse than the prior model." Here is the link:,2817,2372054,00.asp


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I bought these last time they were offered. I find them to be very uncomfortable and I can't seem to get them to fit properly. The sound quality is terrible, maybe it would be better if I could get the buds to seal in my ears...


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Don't bother with these, bought some of these like last year, and they DON'T work outside, they cute out. Unless this is a newer version, and they fixed that critical problem?


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Do these work the the iPhone #4 and #4s? What about the "new iPad"? Do you expect them to work with the long-anticipated iPhone #5?


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These aren't really for home use unless it's for excercising or other physical activity.

They are designed to stay in your ears not to be comfortable at home with, such as head on pillow or against a chair. You have to be sitting up or standing with your head totally unencumbered by anything.

But overall 10/10 perfect for what they're meant for and well made.


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I use them while running and they are fine -- much better than traditional wired earphones.


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I wear a size 7 and 5/8ths hat. At first they are a little weird getting use to but if you change the rubber end for your ears out they do feel much better. I have made multiple calls from them listen to Pandora for hours at a time. battery life is 4 to 6 hours. I would recommend for any one who is active like me.


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I own a pair of these. I loved them at first, they were comfortable, were great for running, and I liked the controls on the headphones. Then after just a few weeks they started having issues. Turning it on/off took several tries, buttons stopped responding, and then it started doing things on its own (stuck on fast forward, stuck on pause/play, etc.). It took me a while to get support from Motorola, and when I did, they "e-mailed" me about an exchange but I never got the email, and when I complained about it some weeks later, they refused to do much of anything until I ponied up money myself to send them my broken ones, at which time they would send me a replacement pair who knows how many weeks later.

Your mileage may vary, but this has made me not want anything Motorola ever.


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I thought they had good sound and by the second time I went for a run with them they were starting to feel comfortable on my big melon. However, before the end of that run they crapped out and were never to be heard from again. Props to woot customer service for honoring the one year warranty and crediting my account.


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paxt0n wrote:Do these work the the iPhone #4 and #4s? What about the "new iPad"? Do you expect them to work with the long-anticipated iPhone #5?

I use mine with my iPhone 4s when mowing the lawn with no issues.


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Bought a pair last time. Stopped turning on after about 2 weeks.


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They are not only uncomfortable (you can't use them in a chair, with your headrest in the car, or any where else) they only work once and have to be reset to factory and paired each subsequent time you turn them on. Also has any one seen the link anywhere on this web site to return anything?


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I bought these from another site after my friend picked these up on a woot-off. I paid more and they did not come with the spare ear cushions as these say they do. That is part of the key to proper fit. I have a large cranium. I'm not sure if it's because my brain is large or that my family's bloodline is failing to evolve from the neanderthals....but regardless these were fairly uncomfortable at first. After wearing them a few times mowing the lawn (the primary intention of these for me) they now fit fairly comfortably. I can easily wear these for an hour or more without discomfort. I bought this item now just to get the extra ear bud cushions as those are pricey by the pair on eBay.


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bfhancock wrote:Bought a pair last time. Stopped turning on after about 2 weeks.

Same here. RMA'ed yesterday


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jds4life wrote:Why are these type of headphones always earbuds? I simply can't stick something in my ear canal without feeling intense pain after 10 minutes. I can't be the only one. Why can't someone make an affordable set of bluetooth headphones that are not ear buds but also not a headset that covers the entire ear?

Motorola also makes an older model Moto Rokr - or check out

Wondering why Woot never seems to have the White model available?


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stevesds wrote:Are these as uncomfortable and tinny as they look??

OH YES. If your head is bigger than a grapefruit these will not fit.
I bought them last time (for a lot more)
they will not fit me. I think these are made for children, honestly I do.
Small small small...


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CowboyDann wrote:You get what you pay for on this one...

Not so. I work at RadioShack and these are $90 (if it's the same thing) even the warehouse price of these is like $52 or something, so this is a really incredible deal.


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I bought 2 pairs of these a few months ago on here. They aren't awful, but they aren't good either.

Sound quality is OK when you find the right earbuds and position them properly. However, I find that they don't stay in the right place to keep good sound. Earbuds come off way too easily (lost one in some bushes along the road while running...had to pull headphones off for a moment).

I have a big head, and they are a bit snug, but not unbearable. I've worn them running and mowing grass. Quality seems to be good so far.


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I'm so excited to see these on here! My friend just let me borrow a pair of these this week and the cheapest I found them online was about $50. She told me she purchased hers from woot and I was kicking myself for not seeing them before.

Anyway, for all of you people that are complaining that they hurt your head, I agree. However, the solution is to wear them upside down and VOILA! No head pain!

The sound is clear and they are easy to use. Then if you down the My Motospeak App, it allows you to listen to text messages too. I haven't tried to use them for making calls because I just wanted them for listening to music while running.

So, with that, I'm in for 2!


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Fat Heads beware.

Some of the silicone cones come off easy.

For my fat head, the unit actually fits more comfortable upside-down than around the ear. Especially if wearing sunglasses.



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My sunglasses have plastic arms, and they tend to want to pull the earbuds out of your ears. Some fiddling makes it much better, still a bit of a bother.

The only other thing I don't like is it takes a long time to turn them on. You have to hold down the power button down for about 7 seconds before they power up. I guess this is so they don't get turned on by mistake. Off is a lot more reasonable.

I mainly listen to podcasts, and have found the quality fine. I'd buy them again.


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I own a pair and love them... but I only use them for an hour or two at a time. They are tight, which is perfect for me for running or hiking, but I can see how they would hurt after an extended period of time. No complaints on calls from me or people on the other end, and sound quality is good, but not as good as a high end over the ear headphone. For this price I may buy a spare.


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$10 on ebay. How? Because I have bought two pairs. Overall pretty good although I wouldnt pay this price for it. Not a great fit in the ears but good enough. And the battery is not 8 hours. Look more 4.5-5 hrs tops.


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I bought these when Woot was selling them a few months ago.

Fit: A little tight, but I can comfortably do a 2 hour run in them.

Sound: Fine for running. If you want something for enjoying music in the house, you should look for something else.

Quality: I am considering returning them (Does anyone know if Motorola will warranty them or if they should be returned to Woot?). After about 45 - 60 minutes of use, they will malfunction. The button for skipping ahead to the next song will need to be pressed several times to skip ahead or it will double beep or when pressing the volume up button once, it will increase the volume several steps. I have not figured out if it is a hardware problem (sweat affecting the operations) or software (either within the headphones or with gingerbread 2.3.4). After putting them away for a bit, they will work fine.


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I bought these in a previous woot, and I'm more or less happy with them.. They sound pretty good (I'm no audiophile though!), and function well for music and audio books. I've never tried the phone calling features. They do get uncomfortable around my ears because of my glasses. When I wear contacts I don't feel any discomfort. I would not pay full price for these, but at the woot price I am content. I bought the red ones. I think I read a post in the previous woot where the red ones are a newer model, and better rated, but I'm not going to dig up a link because I need to go get ready for work. Happy wooting!


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Mine died after 2 hours of use. I contacted motorola and they said these did not have a warranty and I would have to come back to woot. I have yet to email woot so I am not sure how this situation will be fixed.

So as of now I am left with an ugly $25 paperweight.


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Bought a red pair the last time they were offered. I have a big head and I don't find them tight, though they tend to clamp snug against my glasses and push them forward a tad. Also it's tricky for me to remember which way they go on (the ear loops throw me.) And while they don't sound tinny to me, I do wish they were louder. Earbuds have a tendency to fall off easily when I shove them into my backpack. On/Off button needs a hard sustained press with fingernail.


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Mine will not connect to my iPad 2. Have tried everything.


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slickvikd wrote:Anyone know if these are good for running?

Yes. I bought them a few months back when they were on woot. I use them every day on my morning walk / run, paired with my iPhone.

No issues, and I've found them to be very comfortable. Bought a second pair today just in case my current set ever gives out.


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slickvikd wrote:Anyone know if these are good for running?

I have two and use them for 5 mile runs. They are good and now my favorite headphones but they are uncomfortable. I just got used to it as the convenience is tops over corded, on long runs. I sweat right on them...a lot. So, must be fairly water resistant.


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I bought a set of these several months back. They worked well until two days ago when the right side earphone stopped working.


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These are freaking great. I have the S9's and I purchased the S10's the last time around on woot as a backout. They really are great! They sound good, they are comfortable and they are perfect if you are like me and hit the gym pretty often. I hate having a wire hanging out of my pocket it restricts your movement or makes you conscious of it being there which messes with your workout. These, NEVER a problem. Get them, you wont regret it.


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Son in law bought these. He didn't like them and gave them to me. I found them very uncomfortable. They have been misplaced and nobody is bothering to look for them.


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Buyer beware if you sweat more than usual!

I have had 3 pairs of these, S-9/S-10 and other than fair sound qaulity and comfort these do not last. Sweat/Moisture will infiltrate the electronics and first the volume or FWD/BKW will go out then it will finally die completely after a few months of use. Love the design but wish they were truley sweatproof. Try the Jaybird BT, had them for over a year with gym and outdoor use and they are still going strong.


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jds4life wrote:Why can't someone make an affordable set of bluetooth headphones that are not ear buds but also not a headset that covers the entire ear?

Motorola makes a very comfortable set that are padded speakers that go on the outside of your ear. They are also "behind the neck" but are flexible and roomy. I don't know the model# but I got them on Amazon, about $35. I can't stand earbuds either, and I agree with others that these S-10s are torture devices. The S-9's weren't too bad, don't know why they changed.


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I got these last time Woot had them; they are a steal! After changing out the ear pieces, very comfortable and work great.

$25, you really can not go wrong.


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I bought these the last time, and ended up returning them as they refused to hold a solid connection to my MOTOACTV.
I already owned the S9 version, and wanted these as an improvement (they were the new model, so they had to be better) and backup.
I didn't think that the sound quality was as good as the S9's, and I thought that the fit was poorer as well.
The one thing they had over the s9's was the various ear cup pieces - S9's only had one type. Luckily I found some on an auction website and now I have a nice setup - S9's with S10 earpieces that seal up in my ear and provided a nice solid bass response.
If you get S10's that work, you can't beat this price and you can get great support from both woot and Motorola since they are still under warranty.


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Just a heads up (no pun intended), I bought these about 3 monthss ago on Woot. Had been thrilled with my S9-HDs and thought the S10 was a can't miss at this price - WRONG. These DO seem to have a better/stronger BT signal than my S9, BUT this thing consistently freaks out mid-run if I try to advance a song, adjust the volume or anything else. THEN, good luck trying to turn it off! (I couldn't believe it either)

I may have gotten a bad refurb., but then again, I did read about some folks having these same issues. Price was too cheap to hassle w/ a return, so I've just apologized to my S9-HDs for having drifted, and we've all moved on.