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They say a picture is worth a thousand words… but nobody cares about words these days. The truth is a picture is worth a thousand hits or likes. Don't take the chance that you'll lose out on being the creator of the next meme. Always always always carry a camera.

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I actually have a bloggie! It might be an older model, though.

Still, cameras. I love cameras. How do each of these camcorders compare? I have a friend who needs to buy one for an event she's helping put on and could use the assistance.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I have to Kodak Playsport. I bought it new for like $90 new and I really like it!


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8 lumens projector? That would look faded in a pitch black room


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I've been looking for a durable camera to take hiking/camping with me as I hate taking my phone out of it's water proof box on the trail. Glad to see the Kodak one has good reviews, so even though I normally dislike Kodak cameras this one should fit my needs perfectly! Woohoo!


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I have the Kodak Playsport and really like it. I take it everywhere and get good shots in daylight. Fun to take in the pool or camping. My son even opened it up in the pool and once it dried it still worked.

Doesn't handle lowlight well, but I added an external light and am quote happy with the results.

I got it to replace my Flip that died from a little water. I highly recommend the Playsport, especially if you plan to use it outdoors!


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For a cheap 'Flip' like device the ZX5 is one of the best ones they made - especially for underwater use. Its very durable and very easy to use. Aside from it not being very good in low light (most of these devices are not), it otherwise provides and good video quality for a $50 underwater camera.


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Thanks to all who left comments about the Playsport. The in-laws went in for one for us so we can send them videos of the kids, and it sounds rugged enough to let the older kiddo try his hand at making videos as well. I love woot.


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What's the resolution on the projector?


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TBKHomeworld wrote:I have a playsport ZX5 that I took to Disney World and use to make videos. I have a lot of different cameras and I use the ZX5 a lot due to how easy it is to use and it is water/shock proof. I have dropped it several times and had it in various pools without problems.

Here are some example videos I have taken with it:

Macro Mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI6cGha-jGg

Hopefully woot allows the links.

i just totally deleted this post by accident, which was really bone-headed of me, because it is a good post and should be QP'd instead. sorry, TBKHomeworld.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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So much for 2-day shipping... Sometimes woot makes me sad face.

Also, had to send an email to service@woot.com to cancel since it hasn't even been shipped and I can't use it if it isn't here on Friday essentially. We will see what happens. If they ship it anyways and it gets delivered next week, it will likely be stolen before I get back home.