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I have noticed that in this woot-off they have repeated the same items a couple of times. Is this a new thing or do are they really making it obvious that they just want to get rid of a certain item?


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This is a long-standing woot tradition. I don't know exactly how many years it goes back, but the most obvious times are in the comment threads. "YOU JUST HAD THIS FOR $5 BUCKS MORE, WHY DID I BUY IT AT THAT PRICE WHEN I COULD'VE GOTTEN IT CHEAPER IF I'D WAITED?!"


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I can't say for sure there aren't some items repeated, but usually it's not actually the same item being repeated.

For example:

At a glance you might think it was the same item 3 times over the Woot-Off, but it's actually 3 different models.

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As Dwain77 mentioned, sometimes they're similar but not the same.

We may periodically repeat an item from say the middle the night in the middle of the afternoon since not all people can watch the woot-off 24/7.... slackers.

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What TT said. Plus it also helps cut back on the people complaining because an item is up for too long.