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akroll7 wrote:If your majority isn't water, it really should be. I drink coffee everyday but definitely drink way more water, it's what your body runs on. Don't fill yourself up with sugar.


10 quality post! Whoo hoo! I'M SOMEBODY!!!


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IgorBochensky wrote:My 1st reply got lost. You are dumb turds to suggest urine. Grow up. I will forward my additional comments to my friends at your parent company, if you even know who that is....


Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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Fruit Juice.

Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap. If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you never, ever put in a trap. Me. -The Doctor


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WOW! 3.3% for "My own urine" frightens me.


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fuzzypeaches wrote:Arnold Palmer light. Delish!

I actually meant tea during the day, and crystal light in the evening (because of the caffeine in tea), but that sounds good too.


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Those extolling the superiority of milk and fruit juice over "sugary drinks" need to realize that both milk and fruit juice contain more or less the same amount of sugar as regular soda.

As a diabetic, I was warned off all three. Today I start my day with black coffee (2/3 decaf, 1/3 regular) or plain tea (decaf) and switch to water when that's gone. I sip water all day and into the evening to stay hydrated and stave off kidney stones. Once a week or two, I treat myself to a glorious bottle of Coca-Cola Classic. Once every month or two, a beer or mixed drink.

Fortunately, I enjoy water. If I get sick of it I'll mix in a little unsweetened decaf iced tea.