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Put this in your plastic pumpkin and BOO it! All week long on Woot's Facebook page, we'll be giving away single-serving Pieces of Crap with a festively Halloween theme. We're calling it Crap or Treat and all you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page, watch for the twice-daily sweepstakes posts, follow the instructions, and you might be one of the lucky winners!

And thanks to our pals at Archie McPhee, the world's greatest emporium of mondo bizarro, these aren't the kind of lame "treats" that will still be rattling around your bucket in mid-November. No Bits o' Honey. No circus peanuts. No nickels. Just premium Halloween weirdness from the vast McPhee vaults of WTF.

Whatever mask you're wearing, we hope you can see through the eyeholes well enough to watch Crap or Treat unfold on Woot's Facebook page, all week long! And we better not catch you trying to TP us - or YOU might be the treat in next year's bag!


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Sweet! I can't wait to lose another Facebook game! It'll at least he fun trying...


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I'd tell you the name Zuckerberg had for Facebook users but I'm sure it would be censored.


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Oh goody, another shot at crap that I a loyal wooter can not have any shot at getting...unless they have a special thread in the community to provide us the instructions again

100+ Woots to date across all sites (now Woot! says I am better than everyone else) including 8 Bags of Crap...snagged a Busted One Criminal (#6) to secure my black square!
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Hey! I like the Bit O Honey!

It's those Jujyfruits and Dots that never get eaten. How a candy that tastes like soap remains a candy is beyond me.


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Hey! How about a contest for us non-Fakebook sociopaths?


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Slight disclaimer: When I want stuff from McPhee, I go to their website and buy it, rather than spending hours trying to win it. So I admit that I'm not the target audience for the promotion.

However, I'm not sure, but I think the message of these promotions is starting to sink in: Woot is the place to not be.

I don't mean that in a "something happened to change Woot and now I can't deal with change" way. I mean that in the sense of Woot's community obviously not being worth Woot's time and therefore wondering why it's worth any participant's time.

I'm also left wondering if the meetings where this Facebook stuff comes from runs something like, "our message is too focused. We need to dilute it among a panel of advertising nobody reads and a million posts about what people you don't really remember meeting are eating, where they're on vacation, whether they remembered to lock their doors, and how drunk they got last night. Keep the customers away from the website we spend money maintaining, before they buy something!"

If I were running a retail website, I'd probably consider how often five-star restaurants announce their deals and give away free samples at Walmart, or how often Bloomingdales gives stuff away in Happy Meals. There might be a reason behind the answer.

But hey, I'm sure the answer to the title's question is "treat," at least for Zuckerberg.

(Yes, yes, the problem is that I'm resistant to change. Every complaint always spawns from jealousy, never from a reasoned position. Also, bullies are always wrong and you're perfect just the way you are except you're too modest.)


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Cool. Except for those of us who are locked out of facebook at work. But hey you guys go ahead and have fun without us thankyouverymuch.


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artulo wrote:Hey! How about a contest for us non-Fakebook sociopaths?

Hear! Hear! Just about every site you come into contact with nowadays tries to force you into joining Facebook before you can comment on their site or their blog or their goods. I hate FB and refuse to sign on to a site that has no respect for people or their privacy. Why don't FB followers just put giant gold rings in their noses like cattle at the fair so we can lead them around more easily. I'm just sick of all the FB pressure. Who do they think they are...kings/queens of the world?


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I adore Archie McPhee and can't believe that the obvious woot/McPhee crossover never occurred to me. Shame.

While I will never entirely forgive their discontinuing the Instant Business and larger mystery boxes, the Endless Geyser of Awesome blog rekindled my faith in contemporary art. No lie.