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janse wrote:Until they rename Easter to it's appropriate title of "Zombie Jesus Day", I refuse to celebrate it.

Very low class.


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fayerae wrote:Columbus day. The dude didn't even discover America and all the Feds get a day off.

Agree. We should change it to Discoverers Day and celebrate all of great explorers - not just the person who was stupid enough to think he had landed in East Asia.


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Most depressing thread ever.



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I used to dig Festivus until it took on such an 'around the pole' aspect due to that darned Seinfeld episode where they basically made fun of what was a really great holiday. Now I hate Festivus and celebrate another 'secret' holiday with my people and it's working out great.


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This wootoff wasn't here earlier... was it?



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infiniteammo wrote:Most depressing thread ever.


Agreed,surprised there are so many down people on Woot.


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I must vote for Valentine's Day. Pointless and annoying if you're single...and if you're not. I mean, isn't your relationship in trouble if only one night a year is special?

Plus there's all the pink...yuck all the pink.


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I dread July 4th. The crowds for the fireworks are bad, the language and drunken displays are worse. We've stopped taking our kids to the city fireworks because they were getting too much of an education. We now buy a few fireworks to do at home and encourage our children to have gratitude for their freedoms.


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I don't actively dislike any holiday - celebrate if you want, don't if you don't. I do actively dislike everyone who feels the need to get all rude/negative at the people enjoying themselves and celebrating.


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curtisuxor wrote:Surprised to see Christmas with so many votes. How many of you actually back it up by not buying gifts and gift cards? Probably close to 1%, which means the rest of you are hypocrites.

So not liking a holiday means you're not allowed to participate in it? What kind of idiocy is that?

And just because people don't like Christmas doesn't mean that they need to not buy gifts for others thus ruining other peoples Christmas.

And if you want to talk about hypocrisy, Christmas is one of the most hypocritical holidays in existence. I would explain that but I don't think the Woot forums are the place to point out the religious fallacies surrounding Christmas.


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Freaking valentines day. So you can point out the painfully alone ones, and show how annoying the too in love ones are.


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curtisuxor wrote:Surprised to see Christmas with so many votes. How many of you actually back it up by not buying gifts and gift cards? Probably close to 1%, which means the rest of you are hypocrites.

Christmas deserves it. It establishes christianity as the norm and leaves jews and other outside. Feh!


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Since everyone is just dying to hear what I have to say... I can't believe I haven't heard anyone complaining about St. Patrick's Day and all the green wishbones that it brings with it. All of sudden everyone is Irish and celebrating their raging alcoholism? I can't honestly say that I knew what it was even about until wikipedia revealed that mystery for me, since here in 'Murica it's all about the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

Every holiday is bittersweet for me because I work for a major shipping company and am forced to work every holiday, unless it falls on the weekend. But the upside to that is job security, because people are shipping more and more gifts now and buying online... So, although not seeing family isn't a fair trade-off for making triple time on a worked holiday, at least it's something.

Edit: haha wishbones... Well played, woot.


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Thane9 wrote:I think it's the pressure to buy all those presents and cards that is the real issue. In a perfect world I'd rather just buy presents for people as I see things that make me think of them. Instead there's this countdown to Dec25 pressure to get something for everyone and it's SUPER aggrivating and stressful. I would gladly sign off on never recieving ANY presents (not just for Christmas) to have that pressure removed.

This my friend, is why I Woot. I cannot stand the last minute rush to buy random presents for people, just because I feel pressure to check them off my list, or fear of disappointing someone. Instead, I shop all year. I have found extremely fabulous gifts at Goodwill, on Woot, and other stores. I usually spend a lot less that way, though that is not the intention. The reason is that I actually love to find something perfect, unique for that person. I look forward to seeing the look on their face when they see it. I think I get more excited than the receiver of the gift by the time Christmas rolls around. I end up with 3/4 of my shopping done that way. It used to be all of it until I had my son, but I usually wait til closer, as his interests change a lot (he's three).
Try it... Heck, you're on woot, it's a good place to start.


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hate Black Friday!


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Kuanza its just pointless. Not trying to be racist, because i'm anything but racist, my GF is black and she agrees with me too, its just another way that bad types people exploit the good people who try to help them. Just celebrate thanksgiving with everyone else, isnt thanksgiving supposed to be about being together. What most people dont recognize is that if you can actually gather together with your family, that is more than what most people have, so be happy that you have a family who knows who you are. I would much rather have a family that knows me and hates me, than not know a single person in my family.

My point is be happy with what you have and give to those who have less than you. Do some volunteer work this thanksgiving and every holiday.


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curtisuxor wrote:Surprised to see Christmas with so many votes. How many of you actually back it up by not buying gifts and gift cards? Probably close to 1%, which means the rest of you are hypocrites.

I can agree with that, Christmas should be about giving to those in need. In my opinion, most people on this website are pretty well set off. Most people will but things for themselves and for other friends and family, and i'm not against that. Im just against that if that becomes the main reason that you look forward to Christmas or any holiday at all. I can remember when this was the only important thing to me, and now i do volunteer work at food pantries at all times of the year, and i feel much better. Im glad that i can say that ive helped someone who was truly in need. Try to help someone in need this upcoming holiday, and at all holiday seasons, because for some people in need, that is the ONLY thing that they an look forward to.