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not interested in, but thanks


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jon98gn wrote:Doh. 10 PM PST Nov. 21st is the night of my 3rd wedding anniversary. I don't think I'm going to get out of that one. But good luck to everyone hitting up

Jon98jn ..... All I will say is it is about timing.....

timing I say!


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CaptGrelden wrote:not interested in, but thanks



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You guys realize that all they will do is put up all the pre black friday amazon garbage that doesnt sell today. It wont be any cheaper either.


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So, I get like a "major award" for guessing this correctly first right? Let me know what time to expect the freight delivery guy and I'll be there.

basschica wrote:I suspect this is some kind of take on "pop-up shops." They're so hot right now.

But what? Hmmm.....

Pop up turkey timers in your Big ol' Cornucopia In for 3!


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