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Corsair Performance 3 128GB SSD

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Corsair Performance 3 128GB SSD
$67.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Any good?


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Warranty: 30 Day Corsair

I'd stay far away because of this. If you do buy this, you'd best buy the SquareTrade warranty too...but it's less of a deal if you do.


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Computer Geek here...

I would stay away from the SSD's that seem to pop up here on Woot!... Many of them are older and/or refurbished, which is a big warning flag when it comes to SSD's vs HDD's due to NAND Flash having an inherent limited lifespan.
There is no way to tell how many P/E cycles the drive has been subjected to, so while you could get super lucky and score one with ~95% of its life remaining, you could just as easily end up with ~30-40% life.

If you are really in the market for a Solid State Drive, I HIGHLY recommend watching prices and grabbing a Samsung 830 256GB when it gets down to around ~$150-160 (sale+rebate) as it has around 5 times the past 6 weeks. I have used all different makes, models, sizes, and generations of SSD's, and the 830 256G is what I have as the OS/Boot drive in my self-built workstation...

Check out the SSD Torture Test if you need convincing