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Lilliputian Devices By Grandmax

"Smaller. Smaller! I said smaller!" The Grandmax foreman's whip snapped over the huddled heads of his engineer minions. "Dee peeeeople want deeee small thingsssss." An engineer shaved another quarter centimeter off the portable speaker on the grating in front of him. "SMALLER!" Yelled the foreman.
Grandmax official site.


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Amazon reviews are favorable for the Tweakers Lite Portable Speaker System and it looks like you get more for your money than with the x-minis. In for one as a Christmas gift.


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Keyboard $24 on Vendor Site
and $28 on Amazon

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what is this?


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outoftune wrote:what is this?

Which one?

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$29.95 on Amazon...includes free shipping


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It looks like the Tweakers Light have a big blue light. Any way to turn that off, or is it always glowing when they're on?


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I found this same product on clearance for $4.00 this past summer and they're worth about that much after trying them out. They're built cheap like typical Chinese goods and they buzz slightly from what sounds like loose parts or connections inside them.


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Reviews for these are good, especially given the great woot prices.

In for a Grandmax SPKR-M3BT Tweakers Microbeat bluetooth speaker for me and a Grandmax SPKR-S1-BK Klipper 3D Portable Speaker for my girlfriend, she likes to watch movies and do her music all from her ipad, it should work well for that.


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The SPKR-M3BT (bluetooth speakers) are $30 on amazon, and there you get free shipping/Prime: amazon.com/gp/product/B005DSO3DY

Bog of carp anyone?


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I got the Grandmax SPKR-AE-5000-BK Tweakers 2.1 Channel Portable Speaker last time these showed up on the sale block

BASICALLY they are very good and do what I want them to BUT

They are incredibly sensitive to RF interference, like, if the AUX cable passes over the wrong place and is unshielded? you'll hear it.

This gets worse as the batteries run down, and I don't strictly understand that.

You need to use a longer than supplied AUX if you want to listen to anything off of your cell phone (Because the phone is constantly talking to the network)

I am happy with my purchase, Could I be happier? yeah, this would probably be a three and a half out of five review if woot did it that way.


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The 2.1 speaker is pretty nice. Would be nicer if you could actually find the power cable for it, but it's still excellent for portable speakerage.

DO NOT, however, get the keyboard. It isn't supported by a wide variety of phones, the driver disk doesn't even recognize as a disk on the computer, and there's no online support for the thing.

mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat


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Grandmax SPKR-M3BT Tweakers Microbeat Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth Technology...

$23.95 at J&R - not a woot deal.


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Bridgebrain wrote:
DO NOT, however, get the keyboard. It isn't supported by a wide variety of phones, the driver disk doesn't even recognize as a disk on the computer, and there's no online support for the thing.

I have to disagree with you on the keyboard. I was searching for a small blutooth keyboard to use with an HTPC set up and I ordered one last time they showed up. It works very well. Setting it up was easy and it worked well for searching for movies in itunes and for browsing the web. It also made searching for content on hulu and netflix easy. Though I did notice that sometimes it enters a key multiple times when you press a key once. And I think it was because I was streatching the wireless range. I like that it's backlit and it puts itself to sleep when its not in use.