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Daultry ---Really??????


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ROBERT PLANT, the voice of Led Zeppelin is a mere 8%.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


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Sorry to point out the obvious, but not only is Stevie Wonder a multi-talented, award winning singer and song writer, but he did all that blind.


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I was really upset to see the current poll results until I read all these comments about Freddie. Thank you, people. Freddie's voice box is a thing of perfection and magic. No one, no matter how multi-talented, tops him.

This is clearly rigged-- Robert Plant has one of the most unique, legendary rock voices. Daltrey pales in comparison. I would have voted for Plant if not for Freddie Mercury.


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ice2cu wrote:I was debating between Daltrey or Mercury, but realized that when it came to pure talent, Freddie has everyone beat. His range was so much greater than anyone else...put it this way, Wayne's World would not have been the same if they were singing Baba O'Riley instead of Bohemian Rhapsody.

I agree completely and bonus points for knowing the correct name of the song.


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cernenus wrote:
OTOH, a great vocal talent who belongs on that list is MeatLoaf. Guy is not sexy, but he can sure sing.

before you dismiss me out of hand, check out the sales figures for Bat Out of Hell.. pretty sure he's outsold (in terms of single album sales) everyone else on that list.

That is a very good point. Meatloaf can sure sing the hell out of a song. I would go for Freddie as an unmatchable first and Meatloaf for second.

That said, much like Daltrey, without an incredible songwriter behind him, I don't know if Meatloaf would have ever become the name he is today. Without Jim Steinman, how far could he have gone?

Daltrey's a good singer but he only got where he is by singing the songs Townshend wrote. Poor Pete, a dreadful singer himself but a brilliant songwriter.


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David Gilmour ftw.


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned it up to now so I'm just going to come out and say it...


Yes, Prince. Who else can be HIS OWN BAND?!?! The man can play nearly every instrument compose and write, and sing the hell out of his own songs. He also had one of the greatest movie/soundtracks ever known to man, Purple Rain. That alone changed the face of music for eternity. Pop, rock, soul, jazz, rap, baroque, opera, experimental, go-go, he's done it all. Prince makes what I call "complete" music-music that has a bridge and many times a chorus after the bridge. Modern radio is ridiculous for the brevity of its music. When was the last time you heard a recent song with a bridge? They're few and far between. "Hot Wit U" is by far the most complete song I've ever heard. Check it out!


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I don't get it! Everyone knows that Gregg Allman is the best.


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Now c'mon tell me Who are you?


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mdryan10 wrote:Freddie Mercury is by far the best, he was ahead of almost everybody in the music entertainment world. Sad he's gone

Shouldn't be "Sad she's gone" ?


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When was the last time you heard somebody say "Man, I hate EVERY SINGLE QUEEN SONG."

Exactly. Never. Mercury wins.


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David Bowie followed by Stevie Wonder are by far the two most innovative on this list. It's not really much of a competition if you know anything about music.


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Obviously it's Stevie Wonder because he is BLACK.


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OH, I get it now. We're voting foe male singers. (I'm not up with pop music.) My vote then is JOSH GROBAN.


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Camino1 wrote:Whose tunes are used most in commercials and soundtracks?

Stevie Wonder.

Whose tunes are used most at sporting events?

Freddy Mercury...he has no equal.


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Boredmaster wrote:Yeah but he hasn't had a decent song in well over a decade. Bowie has conquered sound and screen and many, many musical genres. Plus BOWIENET! Guy's a billionaire, okay! :-)

I agree about Bowie. His music goes across generations. Also, his stage shows were something to be seen. He has a great voice then and now. His song "I'm Afraid of American's" with Nine Inch Nails is one of the best.


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Solid output from the 60s through today? Gotta be Jagger.


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Freddie Mercury is head and shoulders better than the rest. Roger Daltrey was one of the greatest front men of all time but nobody on this list can even come close to Freddie Mercury's voice. He had a 7 octave vocal range and was a former opera singer. Everyone else on that list has maybe a 4 octave vocal range at best. No comparison. Freddie Mercury had the best voice. Roger Daltrey was the better front man. I like the Stones more than The Who or Queen but Mick Jagger has a horrible voice and looks like he's going to break in half when he's on stage.


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Freddie is the greatest musician who ever lived...nuff said


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Man, I can har the 'Whabulance' all the way through the Internet! Whaaaaa...Whaaaaaaa....Whaaaaa.......

Get over it whiners. The Pole has run and Daltrey has won!


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Tough call between Freddy and Iggy, but in the end it goes to that amazing voice. Mercury all the way.


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mrinvegas wrote:From these choices, it's a tie between Freddie Mercury and Stevie Wonder. JMO.....

I'd say it's a 3-way with Elton John in there.

Side note, I have a grossly immature, dirty mind.


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bdurning33 wrote: I like the Stones more than The Who or Queen but Mick Jagger has a horrible voice and looks like he's going to break in half when he's on stage.

It was pointed out to me many years ago that as he ages, Mick Jagger looks more and more like Don Knotts.

You can't unsee it!

I voted for Bowie, because the question is vague and he is magic. If vocal, Freddie all the way: the world's first Asian (British sense) superstar.


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If it's a front man only, David Lee Roth has no equal.

Do you know how the Stones' roadies know when the stage is level? Drool comes out of both sides of Keith Richards' mouth.


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Are you F-ing kidding me? DALTREY????????


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jsdixon wrote:It really comes down to stye of music. Bowie was awesome at restyling himself and being the lad about town during glam (which is image as much as anything). Jagger is one of the icons of hard rocking, hard living and feasting everything in sight including bandmates girls, Bowie, etc. Freddie was great at big shows and costumes, Elton wrote some inspired tunes and looked flash for his fanboys. Daltry was the best voice and singer of this group. Many of them would not do well without their bands and some were not singer/songwriters. Tough grouping to decide who is best. At what I ask?

Well, that's the question. They are all vocalists, but only some are in bands. Jagger is nothing without Keef, (and Mick Taylor if you really want to know how I feel), Plant has a good range, but he's mostly screaming/skipping octaves to achieve it, not like Steve Marriott, who could beat him any day. You would have to listen to "Whole Lotta Love" vs. "That's the Way." However, he is also the lyricist, which knocks him up a point for me. Even with the LOTR album. Plus, he has been voted "best vocalist of all time" by numerous publications. But I have my own opinions, after an entire issue of CREEM magazine was devoted to The Monkees©, I put no stock in 'rock journalists'.
Freddie. I didn't pick him because he was in the band Queen, and I consider that to be a collective effort, just like I didn't pick Plant or Jagger (not that I would have anyway to the latter.)
BUT, if your office fight was about who the best vocalist was overall- (not just rock) Freddie would win.
Daltrey is FABULOUS, the best "rock singer" of all time, but he needed Townsend to write, ergo I passed. The Who was a group effort, thus dismissed.
Phil Lynott- not for me (see above), plus not a good enough singer.
You should shoot the office mate that suggested Elton John, unless they specified "Madman Across the Water" and nothing else. But it still took Bernie Taupin.
That leaves "Little Stevie" Wonder, (awesome child prodigy), Iggy and Bowie.
Then Iggy.
Then Stevie.

p.s. To answer your question, D. My office would specify what the parameters were, and we have a strict policy of no Clapton vs. Page.

little gray dude