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It's Cyber Monday! Our podcast team threw together this song about it. (But no accompanying video content. OH, COME ON, LIKE YOU DIDN'T LOLLYGAG A LITTLE AT YOUR JOBS DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK TOO.) We think it captures the true spirit of -- and is at least as irritating as -- this, the online retail community's favorite holiday!

Happy Cyber Monday! Now go buy something. Anything, it doesn't matter.


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I almost gave up trying to find today's video. My finger got tired of scrolling about halfway down the website. I took a break and got some tea and felt well rested to come back.

Have I ever mentioned that this site is pretty busy nowadays?

I think there is a problem though with youtube. I had to play it about 10 times before the video finally loaded correctly instead of just freezing on the first frame. I'm really glad I kept trying though, the video really ties the whole song together!

Great song as always Matthew!


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I could say that you folks have really outdone yourselves with this timeless tune, but I'd have to cross my fingers.

How come you never have a mandolin track on any of your songs? I'm not asking for full-on bluegrass here, but just a little something to add depth to what your synth settings on your keyboard offer. If you want to send me a track, I'll lay down some rhythm or fills (or both) for your consideration.

Imagine what you could get if you crowdsourced the soundtracks to your podcasts with Woot! customers. I bet you could get four-part backup vocals, a complete string section, and who knows what else!

I'm just sayin'...


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Woot has capured the spirit of unlimited guiltless shopping in the Cyper Monday song. Good job!


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Good Lord, you guys actually get a paycheck for this stuff? Definitely the biggest 'time-wasting video' you've ever come up with.

good Lord