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Fellow Wootlings,

Blogger/designer/developer/social media presence/ninja Philip Cathin here. You certainly saw my recent exposure in online content giant The Onion this week (40 million page views per month). In case you missed that link: Here it is again. (Phil Tip #41: Linking is Winning).

Given the ballooning of my Klout score following the article's publication, I will be leaving Woot to pursue private brand exposure/consulting/awesomeness. It's been real, Woot, but this bird's gonna fly.

As an expression of my gratitude for the ways in which this company has allowed me to maximize my own New Media/Web 4.0 presence, I would like to leave you all with some patented Phil Cathin "Words of Web Wisdom":

  • Maximize synergy AT ALL TIMES.
  • Successful networks of all kinds experience exponential self-perpetuation.
  • Keep your Facebook friends close, and your Pinterest pins closer.
  • SEO is dead. Long live SEO.
  • Podbean?
  • Crossfit.
  • Whatever it takes, get a major satirical newspaper to write a story about you.

Follow these to the letter, and you could be the next P.Cath.

TL;DR: CYA, Woot.

Philip Cathin
Twitter: @pcatty
p dot cathin at hotmail dot com
Instagram: @pcatpics
Friendster: Philip.Cathin


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As I was groping for anything meaningful to me in this article, the only thing that came to mind was, "Wow, that was a bad photoshop job..."


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I call dibs on his sweet office.


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Okay, bye...so where does everyone want to go for lunch?


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I wouldn't trust that Onion site. They think woot is a "software company". Pfffft. Where are they getting their facts?

Good luck, dude I just learned existed, I hope you find what you're looking for.


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I'm thinking he used a older picture...

This looks like the REALLY Phillip!


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If they put his 'brand' up on a woot-off it would be an apocalyptic woot-off killer. Worse than a leak frog. I think the poor little yellow lights would be revolving for days. We may never see the sold out sign again.

But it would establish his brand's market value. (IPO anyone?) Start at $1 and see who bites.


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Chirp, chirp, chirp... crickets, chirp, chirp, chirp.

The word vanity comes to mind...

Oh well, Good luck in building your brand!


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I'm sure Phillip is a wonderful (although perhaps self-absorbed) guy but I don't even have enough interest to go to the Onion link.


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Philly Cheese munchkin, thanks for putting your pants on for the photo. Mom.


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It's the end of an era...I guess. Assuming this is a real person and he's really leaving.

Which, good luck, man, probably. And congratulations or our deepest condolences or best wishes or whatever the heck sentiment you need.

It's been great pretending to know you, these past three minutes. Why, I remember when I first didn't meet you, you would have been so young...