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Poll: Have you ever had to move your office WITHOUT being at a new job?
  • 57.4% - Yes, it’s annoying. 1035
  • 19% - Yes, it’s exciting! 343
  • 12.8% - No, and I hope I never have to do it. 230
  • 6.5% - No, and I’m glad. I like where my office is. 118
  • 4.3% - Some other answer you’ll see in the comments. 77
1803 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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My job does not require an office.


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The government moves people around like socks in a drawer!
Our command is always moving at least one office a month - sometimes as many as 3-4! For what? At what price? Think about it - phones, LAN drops, business cards, movers, lost productivity(?!?)

Ah, the hell with it.


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I believe you have my stapler...


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I don't work in an office. This is the THIRD time, Woot. Why do you assume everyone works in an office? >

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." ~Albert Einstein


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I was an IT guy in an office shared with QA people and a QA manager. My desk had to go when the QA manager got his own private office. I got shoved into the server room with my machines.

No complaints here. No constant interruptions, and with my desk spot in the server room, nobody to look over my shoulder as I scanned Woot-offs. I could crank music as loud as I liked and I had control of the thermostat. It was pretty awesome.

Since that place closed, I'm IT for local government. I'm a one-man show, and all the perks still apply.

Listen to me now, or hear me say "I told you so" later.


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I got a new manager... And I wasn't so much forced to move, as I moved of my own volition. She was a manager in another department previously, and from what I had heard... Moving further from her was a very good idea... I did it before she actually entered the department. She may have known, but never saw it happen. I had a better view from the new office. Now that I don't work in an office type environment, I don't have to worry.


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Also IT here. Started out in a cube, which relocated every few months. Then the cubes were taken out and pods were put in, also moving every few months. THen the pods were taken out and regular long tables were brought in. (Just try getting work done with everyone all around you talking all the time!) Then we were moved down to the unventilated tiny basement while the regular floor was being renovated. Now the renovated regular floor has been given to a more "prestigious" department and we have to remain down in the basement, where it is so overcrowded that people have to stand up to let others get to and from their chairs. It is also unventilated, so there is very little fresh air. I am not waiting for the next move, I have begun applying elsewhere.

Although this sounds like a 3rd world situation, this is a major $$$ company in the heart of America.


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I do that all the time,, I'm a truck


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We had a water main break in the building and I had to move to another part of the building then when I moved back to where I used to sit my cube had been moved away from the window. The new location sucks but it does fit the company policy that only managers get to have windows.


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Everyone around my office is moving to different offices, except for me. So my office will be all by its lonesome

The DarkSide

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My office is on the train tracks, since I'm a Track Maintainer for NYCT.



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Harui wrote:I don't work in an office. This is the THIRD time, Woot. Why do you assume everyone works in an office? >



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My company moves people around regularly. The longest I've been in one spot is around two years. In the last two years, I've been in three locations.


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just moved this week from one bldg to another. pain. in. the. rump.
on the other hand, i get paid my regular salary which ain't too shabby.


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At first, it was move to a bigger office after a promotion. Did that a few times. Then, the department got so big, they had to split us between two buildings. Then, four buildings. That got too expensive, so corporate moved everyone to a larger building in the next county. After ten years came the downsizing. Went from six floors to four, then two. Then I left.


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We get shuffled around at work more than a fifth ace in a dirty poker game. In four years, I am in my eleventh desk.


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Myself, I got to spin out of Customer Service's office space. So I was very happy, that I could do my job without dealing with people walking in, and the ringing phones. So I was quite excited.


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I worked in the Silicon Valley in the 00's. I changed companies three times without changing my cube.


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I helped move an entire company over a Christmas holiday to a new building. I scoff at your petty office moves.


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Yep, our company moved from 1 location to another back in June. Since my boss is ridiculously unorganized, we pretty much didn't know our official move date until the day before we were moving. It was quite the fiasco.


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Was upgraded from a cubicle to an office about a year ago. I've got my eye on the offices across the hall with windows - I'd be glad to move again for that!


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Am I the only one who is bothered that there is no option for "No, but I would like to"?


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My office moved every day!! Now that I'm retired I still get called to fill in for some body. There are two offices that I take over for a day or three. They move all over the area dropping off empty trailers and bringing loaded ones back to the main plant docks. I liked working in moving offices!!


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Yes. There was some storm thingy recently in some place, maybe you heard about it. Having to move (three times!) was pretty dreadful.


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I haven't had to move yet, but there's talk about building a new office across the street, so I might be moving in the future.

Derek Bjornstad


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My job does not require an office.



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At a Redmond bases software company we were reorganized and moved about every 3rd quarter. At my current place, we have moved into bigger spaces about every year and 1/2, sometimes to different buildings in the area.

I think the constant need to rearrange office space is a way for businesses to keep the economy going...someone needs to hire all those moving companies to do something.


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My office is a stage, so it moves almost every night.


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I worked at a company where whoever was buddies with the boss got to bump people out of their offices if they liked the other person's space better. And since we changed bosses with shocking frequency, we were always playing "musical offices."


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Wow, lots of snarky peeps on here about offices, who knew it could be such a touchy subject?

I didn't have to move offices, but I did go from having 1 to having 2 this year...it's a complicated story, but felt like gaining another office doesn't exactly fall under a strict yes or no answer :P


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What the hell is this 'office' place you speak of?

I would say 'Good day,' but 'SUCK IT" sounds better...


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Are the Monkey's on the move? My office is in Baja and I found a human leg on the beach this morning while walking the dogs. I'm ready for an office move north before the rest of her turns up.


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I have been at my building for over 10 years and sat in probably 6 different desks. Only a couple of the moves were for changing jobs.


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My company recently relocated to a new building. Much more comfortable with much better dining options from before. I can't complain!


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The DarkSide wrote:My office is on the train tracks, since I'm a Track Maintainer for NYCT.

My office is on the train tracks too, but I'm a hobo.


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We are moving to a new building so we have to pack up everything and then everything will be moved to our new offices. We are not allowed in the bldg because there is not yet an occupancy permit so we will have access to our offices, with our stuff in boxes, about four days before the new semester begins and we begin teaching (college campus).

Erick R Williams
Only worry about the present. The past is over and the future will be the present soon enough


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I had to twice in a few months. Not fun!


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as long as its not to a worse place. change of scenary is always good.