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Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter Kit

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Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter Kit
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I'm not entirely sure if this is a very useful product....


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Very slow and outdated. For the same price or less one could be running on Internet 5x to 10x faster than this with other products! I love Woot but this is a bad deal on outdated technology.


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"speeds up to 200 Mbps"

Note that the "200 Mbps" is a full-duplex speed rating...both upstream and downstream at the same time. In other words, in the way wired network equipment is measured, it's 100 Mbps.

The "Speeds up to" means "not even close to" unless both devices are plugged into the same outlet (which isn't very useful). Even then, you won't get 100 Mbps. Expect something more along the lines of 20-40 Mbps in a real-world situation. If you're just needing to extend your Internet connection to a distant part of your house, then these will work fine as most people have less than 20Mbps Internet speeds. Just don't expect to get much performance copying files from one computer to another over this connection.

All of this applies to all powerline Ethernet adapters, not just this brand. If you really need the most speed possible, get the gigabit variety (usually billed as 500 Mbps) and you'll maybe get close to 100 Mbps. Or you may get nowhere close, depending on your house wiring.