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Bah! Get thee to Wine Woot!!


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So many wine related things not in the wine section...


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Worst, last Woot Off of the end of the world.


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No bag?
Why woot? why?


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Good woot to give up refreshing for the night...


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Age range 8 to 13. Oops

Can I have hot sauce with that?


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Looks like the Woot-Off continues through tomorrow as they originally claimed. Just seems that it is only on Woot - not any of the other woot spin offs.

Still hoping for a B - O - C and all of the other things I have been hitting F5 for. Where is the camera, MP3, iPod 4th gen 8 gig, etc I have been needing for gifts. The Woot-Offs have traditionally been full of that kind of stuff. Saw one iPod touch. There was a sum total of 1 offered.