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Favorite: The homebrewed beer made from my Mr. Beer that I purchased from woot! The Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey to keep me warm.
The time off from work.

Least Favorite: ????


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Our upcoming wedding on Dec. 22!


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Actually I learned recently they can make Peppermint Mochas all year round, so, yeah...

Sig sig sig sig sig


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The songs "Christmas in Dixie" by Alabama and "Holly Jolley Christmas" by Burl Ives.

Red and green (the traditional ones, not pukey lime green and fuschia)

Poinsettias and mistletoe.

Beautiful (not tacky) light displays.

The smell of cinnamon brooms.

How everyone seems friendlier and willing to help each other (witness the shoppers at the mall shooting in Portland...although they would have helped each other it that situation anyway.)

Waking up to find your "Elf on the Shelf" poised over a Hershey's kiss. (Hey....everyone poops, right? That's even a children's book.)

Christmas TV specials from when we were kids. (No fair watching them on DVD or Tivo---it's just not the same unless you watch them on network TV along with the rest of us!)

Watching kids' faces light up on Christmas morning.

The joyous nature of it all.

....More eggnog, anyone?

May the Crap be with you all!!!


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I agree with stonedfishy way back thar--just seems a time when the general spirit is a wee bit more benign. And I love all the trappings and hoopla, too. The peppermint mochas, not so much.


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My favorite thing is the blatant commercialization.


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jsptgp wrote:The celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ

as opposed to Jesus the Drive-Thru Manager?

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I actually LOVE the holiday music, but it's MY mix (not the dreaded muzak played at all the stores starting the day after Halloween). I've collected a large eclectic variety (classics, R&B, instrumental, pop, cajun, country, etc) over the years.

Jason Toon

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Time off from work all the way. I love you people, but sometimes, y'know, enough already.


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I'm Jewish so I don't really care for the music, but I LOOOOOVVVE the lights. I believe my Christian neighbors have an obligation to entertain me by beautifying the world with as many pretty twinkling lights as possible. (I also like fruitcake.)


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I don't know anymore. Not too long ago I loved the smell of candles, the music, decorating the Christmas tree and the shimmering lights. Loved baking everyone's favorite cookies. Staying up late and wrapping gifts. Spending time with friends and family. At this time in my life it is just another day. All my friends and family have passed on and my children are grown and have moved far away. So I spend the day alone as well as Thanksgiving (nothing like a P&J sandwich for dinner) and all the other holidays I loved so much. Bummer. Gotta find a way to make my holidays more joyful again!