Jesta384 wrote:So the only way they are doing the bee oh see's is through FB and twitter.....

I dont have a FB. I dont use twitter. I have one, but only so I could sign up for another site.

I've lurked the last 3 woot-offs and nothing appeals to me. Even if something does perk my interest it is quickly established it is not the best deal on the internet.

Woot...Thank you for the beginning. Thank you for perking my interest in wines, and giving me faith in on-line shopping. I mean that. I know my purchases were a drop in the bucket, but everyone is a contributor.

I'm sure there are people in the woot HQ that feel the same way. It's great to see a business grow. I have a few ideas I would love to see in action, trust me! I would love to see them get huge! However there's a difference between walmart and a local place. There's differences between craft brewers and Coors...If you want to pull in more people you have to broaden your scope. You have to flatten the dynamics and expand your range....

Well....a lot of us miss that narrow, no social media driven scope. The come-as-you-are and no holds bared attitude of a woot-off where 5 killer laptops went on sale for cheap, and sold quick, not dumping off the excess from Amazon warehouses.

I wish you luck with the next generation of wooters, for this is now their baby. For me.....I think it's time to retire.

For someone starting midway but still earlier in the game, I agree, and I miss what once was. Now that I can afford to purchase more, I can't find as much to be interested in.

I guess nothing lasts forever and change is good...I just wish you guys would change again.

Change back.