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tcbass wrote:Pyle Pro PPHP123MU 12" Pyle Pro PPHP123MU 12" 1000W Powered Two-Way PA Speaker w/MP3/USB/SD/Aux1000W Powered Two-Way PA Speaker w/MP3/USB/SD/Aux
False advertising in the Feature:
"The Line/MIC allows you to hook up the included microphone into the system so everyone can hear you loud and clear"

Where is this "included Microphone"

If you're missing a part you are supposed to have, please contact the manufacturer! If they give you no resolution, by all means drop a line to so they can give you some options.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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jamessondag wrote:Sorry to say it, but the Pyle Ukuleles are useless. Mine won't hold a tune, the strings are terrible, and it showed up with a weird discoloring on it as if they got half way through the varnish job and called it good.

Mine arrived day before yesterday and the finish seems fine. I have had to retune it with some regularity, but I thought that might be just because the Uke and the strings are new?

Have you had any better luck with it?

I was considering trying to find "better" strings, but I am not even sure about brands on that, I have a music shop up the street, so prolly gonna ask there.

So far I feel like the Uke seems A-Ok for 30 dollars...


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pbnagel wrote:They did change the title, finally!

Not until after I bought one expecting it to have either internal memory, or come with the memory.


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I am pleased with the Pyle noise canceling headphones. I was concerned about some reviews of them on other sites. It's good to know how to remove the ear pieces as instructions don't say how -- reviewer posted that you twist to remove. Good tip! Also, something to do with the swivel hardware is easily broken so watch out for that.

What I would like to know is if I can get some sort of announcement for when these might come back! I want to get a set for my son too. I would have if I knew they would be as good as this. Definitely worth the price.


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I really like the Pyle car radio I bought. Good clean sound and great features for a great price. I can plug my phone into the USB charger and keep my 12v outlet free for other things. I just wish you could dim the knobs and buttons as they are very bright at night.