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ashli143 wrote:That's the non-3d version I take it? It doesn't matter imo - the reviews are horrid. Coby has seriously gone from bad to worse

As did Woot.

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ashli143 wrote:
This is an Active 3d, so even if it had great reviews it would be a total pass for me.

Active is 10x better, you don't lose half your resolution.

Funny all the 'no review' comments, I've left a few in the past offers.

LG remote codes, and similar specs/features. Almost guaranteed a 'B' panel of the $750-$800 LG set, with simplified settings and firmware for brand differentiation. Mine is essentially perfect, except more brightness in the corners than most would find acceptable at an $800 full price.

A smaller brand like Coby didn't magically buy a 3D LCD manufacturing plant, it's going to have someone else's panel in it.


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Ringo4422 wrote:As did Woot.

Just had to get that dig in, didn't ya.

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Yeah. I think they meant "infamous".

cinoclav wrote:Famous maker? Seriously? More like famously craptastic. Since when did Coby become so elite that their name couldn't be mentioned?


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some one buy the rest of this crap so we can get on with the Woot off!!

hurry!! i know you want 2!!


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Coby is complete junk! I would not tell anyone about this deal...


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twobuck40 wrote:some one buy the rest of this crap so we can get on with the Woot off!!

hurry!! i know you want 2!!

Did you buy one? Or two? TT's rules say that you can't ask others to buy until you have bought.

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That is one brand I will stay away from. It may not even be a valid reason, but I purchased a MP3 player once from this company and the thing was a piece of junk and stopped working about a week. This could be a great product, but one issue has scared me.


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I bought this a couple weeks ago when it was $399. I jumped on the offer knowing it was not going to be anything like the much more expensive name brand models out there because all I needed was a cheap no thrills TV for an extra room. However I was very pleasantly surprised when after hooking it up it does come up to par with my other higher end name brand units I have at my house.

I can say much of the sound quality as I only ever use external sound systems but the picture quality is not bad at all. It is bright enough to get the feeling you could end up with a sun tan if your not careful lol. Only 3D title I tried with it is Finding Nemo and the quality and depth of the video was surprising.

Really guys for the price this thing is by no means a waste of money. Anything comparable is at least twice the cost.


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I received mine today and I wall-mounted it in my bedroom. I am not a videophile, but I am pretty impressed with the video quality of this TV. The screen has good color and brightness, and a sharp, clear picture.

The remote code is the same as the LG, so like another poster indicated these are probably manufactured by the same people that make the LG sets, perhaps a "B" panel.

The sound is not terrible like I was afraid of. It can get plenty loud, but it lacks the full-range that most people want when they are watching a movie, so it's probably best paired with a soundbar or stereo system.

All-in-all, I am quite pleased with this purchase.

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I just received mine today WOW Im very happy with the picture quality I am wishing I would have bought 2


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I am testing the tv right now with The Big Lebowski on DVD through a Sony Bluray player via hdmi. Color is great, picture options are good, still picture is brilliant. Moving pictures seem to be getting better but at first there was some slowness and a slight jerk in panning images, I also noticed image line breaks in the picture where half the screen is a frame ahead of the other half. This seems to have gone away while the tv warmed up. The sound is as good as my 19 inch Sylvania tube tv from 1993, and I am noticing a lag in sound. I will continue testing, but as I watch I keep seeing picture issues. Hopefully this is because the screen is still a little cold, just off the truck. I will update after putting it through the football test tonight.

Alright... so I got desperate and tried hooking up my 10 year old Sony receiver for audio support... yeah, that was a bit out dated. So I went on an adventure to Best Buy and they had this unit on sale for $199. Not 7.1 but for the price, it was well worth it. Takes care of all sound issues, allows to adjust sound delay. Still watching for picture issues. Will also test 3D later tonight.

And after further review, checking out my 40 inch lcd and 32 inch lcd in comparison to this tv, even though there are blurry moments in high speed scenes, they are much more clear than my older Toshiba LCD, and the stills and normal picture are so vibrant. This tv is worth $349... probably worth $449... but anything beyond that price and you should go with a better name.


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And finally I am watching a 3d movie, and I am actually very impressed. So the three worst things about this tv, sound, light in corners, and sound. Otherwise, pretty frickin worth the cost.


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This TV is worth the money.
- Light in the corners is only noticeable when the TV is starting up. When there is a picture of any sort, even dark, you cannot notice the light in the corners.
- TV starts/boots very quickly
- High def images are clear
- Color is excellent
- Panel is flawless. No stuck nor dead pixels
- Panel is not glossy - thank goodness. I personally prefer the matte finish
- Refresh rate is excellent. Fast motion is much better than my old 60 Hz TV
- Went to Best Buy to compare others in same category. Honestly, this TV is half the price and really seems to match the more expensive TVs in every way except perhaps the light in the corners. Even the more expensive ones suffer from that a bit.
- Sound - typical for a flat panel but ok for regular TV. Bought a cheap Sony sound bar ($128) w/external woofer for movie watching.
- Nice & simple, yet feature rich, setup options
-Contrast seems better than what is advertised

If it lasts it will be easily worth the money. If they offer this again, do not hesitate to buy it.

Anyone know where to buy some extra 3D glasses for this TV?


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Hi everyone,

I purchased this TV during one of the December WootOffs for $349.99 plus tax. I thought I'd take the time to give me thoughts on the product.

The TV is very thin and light. I was able to easily carry it, even in its box, all by myself. It has only a 400x400 VESA mount for wall mounting applications.

The television has a plethora of inputs, and generally, was easy to setup. I really use this only as an extra monitor for my computer, and I actually had a bit of trouble setting it up (which is rare, because I'm a computer guy). What happened was, Windows 7 detected the new display, and then it worked, and then it shifted to "Unsupported Mode" with no picture. I had to go into advanced display settings on my computer and change the detected refresh rate from 51 Hz (huh?) to 60Hz. Once I did this I was able to get the full 1920x1080 resolution as my second monitor.

The TV auto-adjusts every time you turn it on or switch to the VGA input. This would be great, but for some reason it only works if there is actually a picture on the TV (not just a signal). For example, if I turn on the TV and there is nothing on that screen, then if I open an Internet window and drag it to that monitor and maximize it, half of the x button in the upper right corner is shifted off the screen. However, if I turn off the TV and turn it back on, or switch inputs and switch it back, it runs the auto-correct and the x button snaps into the correct position. This is also avoided by keeping a background or any window open on the TV.

Another minor annoyance is that if the TV completely loses signal (i.e. if I unplug the VGA cable) then it turns completely off! This is a really, really weird thing, but once you know about it it's not a big deal. It's just annoying.

Colors on the TV are rich and bright. I ran through the color calibration in Windows and adjusted the settings on the TV and was able to get a clear, rich picture that I use for editing wedding photos for clients. The 120Hz cannot be turned off, but does make motion look mighty smooth. It does not, however, seem to give things the BBC effect (i.e. the "filmed with a handicam" look) that seems to be common with 120Hz TVs. I mean, I guess it does a little bit, but it's not terrible.

The audio / sound on this unit is absolutely horrible. And I mean terrible. It sounds like if you took an already cheap speaker and then sealed it inside a backpack and opened the top zipper just a little. There is almost no bass, and everything sounds thin and weak. My last TV was a Hannspree, and its audio was acceptable to me. However, I was so disappointed in the sound from this TV that I purchased a soundbar for $70. The TV has a coaxial digital output to connect to a stereo or soundbar, but it oddly only outputs the TV tuner audio - it would not output the piped-in input from my computer. I solved this by splitting the headphone jack on my computer so that the audio went directly to the soundbar instead of just to the TV. I assume that the output will echo the component / composite / HDMI inputs, but I have not tested that.

I wasn't able to get my remote to program this TV using any of the standard codes or a code search, but the awesome remote that I have has a learning feature that allowed me to program everything I wanted. I even re-programmed the volume control so it directly controls the soundbar. But that's not a comment on the TV, just one on my awesome remote. The normal remote that comes with the TV is okay, just a little cheap feeling.

For $350ish, I thought it was a good deal, and it is a nice size upgrade from my previous 37" TV that I was perfectly happy with.



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cinoclav wrote:Famous maker? Seriously? More like famously craptastic. Since when did Coby become so elite that their name couldn't be mentioned?

Coby went out of business in Aug 2013 and all warranties etc are no good. Lucky me I had a Square Trade warranty and got a full refund when the tuner went in 360 days.