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Wurkin Stiffs Slim Money Clip - 2 Colors

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Wurkin Stiffs Slim Money Clip - 3 Colors
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Condition: New

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Now in three colors: Blue, and red!


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Ellimist28 wrote:Now in three colors: Blue, and red!

Don't forget the black on the outside ;)


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Ellimist28 wrote:Now in three colors: Blue, and red!

Blue, red, and -Select-.


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Simple solution. I just make an origami tin foil hat out of aluminum for my wallet.



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Ha Ha Ha, this is a selling point, "Credit and debit cards constantly transmit your personal information digitally through a radio frequency chip"


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If I bought this, I would have no money to put in it.


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Does this work with the emergency flashlight from yesterday?


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No comments on Amazon for a similar Wurkin Stiffs wallet, which go for $75 (choke choke)

Any chance to find out size of the unit / elements?

They have a magic wallet version on the 'zon as well....