The new shipping is much faster. But there are downsides.
When your order is placed, a shipping label is almost immediately printed at one of the warehouses. As soon as this label prints, you are no longer allowed to make changes to your order. BUT this in no way means your order is actually ready to be shipped.

This means that your order is in line to be "picked" and boxed. Which could happen very quickly, or several days later. This also means that the tracking number you have may not mean jack for several days - and sometimes, is absolutely no help, depending on the shipping method.

While I am a fan of most things getting here faster, for the same or less than it did before; I am not a fan of the inability to cancel or change an order that may not ship out for a few days. The order should be able to be altered/canceled until it is shipped. Also, getting a "your order is shipped" email and having a tracking number for days before it actually exists in the system is silly and frustrating.

To my question(s)

Woot!: Is there anything in the works to adjust any of this? Or is this just how shipping will work for the foreseeable future?

Wooters: How would you fix it, if you could?