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Getting... so... sleepy...

Sometimes I listen to earbuds as I fall asleep. Sometimes I would like to, but I don't because it's just too uncomfortable trying to sleep with hunks of plastic wedged into my ears. For side-sleepers like me, regular headphones are even worse. The people at SleepPhones understand my pain. They solved this problem a while ago. I wasn't alone.

Some very flat speakers in a cozy headband. That's all it took. Done. Fixed. I'm a little concerned at how inordinately happy this makes me. As with my previous love for the TV Hat, I guess I just I like my innovations the way I like my cocktails: simple, cheap, and distracting me from my problems.

What say you, my fellow rock-a-bye rockers? Do SleepPhones look comfier than your current bed-bud setup?

Advanced insomniacs are directed to take a large dose of our CES 2013 coverage.

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They look nice! There are times where I'd like to listen to music in bed. I've added them to my Amazon wishlist.


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I was just yesterday talking about how I would love to have a headband thing with earmuffs just to block some sound while I sleep. These might be even better... Definitely looks a lot nicer for sleeping than earbuds! Now they need a noise-cancelling version


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I've had these for a few years now; not a new product. Sleephones are AWESOME! I can go to sleep listening to music and not disturb the significant other. I broke every other pair of standard earbuds before I got these as a present. The fleece is warm, but that is fine in the winter. Wish they made a cooler, lightweight version for the summer.


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Are they bluetooth? Otherwise you'll still lie awake with the fear you'll be strangled by your headphone cord.