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Poll: Can you skateboard?
  • 2.1% - I’m basically Tony Hawk. 48
  • 2.8% - I do all right. 65
  • 5.5% - I know a few tricks still. 126
  • 26.1% - I could once. 602
  • 35% - I can roll on a flat surface if I put my stomach on the board. 808
  • 10.6% - I’m scared to get near one. 244
  • 18% - I even fall over trying to play “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.” 416
2309 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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It was all about the Mongoose when i was a kid. Can't forget the pegs!


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I won't go near a skateboard. After having two of my kids hospitalized in skateboard accidents (with the same "demon skateboard") requiring skin transplants and tooth implants to repair the damage, I'll find other things to do with my time.


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I was scarred for life because my brother was almost scarred (literally) for life.

He got a 'back to the future' skateboard for his birthday. After about 2 months of sitting on it he decided to try it upright. Within feet the skateboard stopped in a sidewalk crack and he kept going. Straight onto his face onto the sidewalk. Lost about 30% of the skin on the right side of his face. My brother, my two neighbors, and myself will to this day not ride on a skateboard.


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I was a kid in that mid-era between big fishtail boards with the plastic finger grips for doing "grabs" and what not and the lighter boards for doing more modern tricks. I was ok, I guess, I could ollie like 3 feet in the air but couldn't do much more. I fell hard a few times but never any major damage.

Since then I gained 50+ lbs and have been sitting in front of a computer for far too long so I don't think I could really do it anymore.

“The internet is a great way to get on the net.” -- Bob Dole


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So ironic that this is a poll question. My son just turned 4 and wanted to ride my old skateboard. On the first day, he dropped into on old ramp that I had. Perfect balance. Motivated me to jump on my board. I'm back up to 12 inches on my ollie and four wheel sliding down my street. Yeah my muscles hurt every night, but it's still fun. Watching the Bones Brigade Autobiography last week didn't hurt either. I'm 37...btw.


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I recently fell and tore every ligament in my shoulder trying to show my son how to drop in to a ramp. My last time on a skateboard before that was 22 years prior. Good thing nobody was filming that or I would have been on youtube.


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Thomaston, Georgia...around 1976. A guy from California came into town to visit his grandmother. He came rolling up in the park we were at on a skatboard. It was the first time any of us at the local park had ever seen anything like that. I was 12. Somehow I managed to talk him into letting me keep it overnight. (Must have been my southern charm) My sweet mother bought me one for Christmas that year. A bright yellow banana. I was a natural. I used it for at least a couple of years. Then bought a fiberglass board. The only injury I suffered was a badly skinned knee. My son is 19 & is an awesome skateboarder. Mainly longboard. But it's been years since I've been on one. *sigh*

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[skateboarding life story] Man everyday, I would walk/ride to the Auburn or Kent skatepark, then when they built the Federal Way Skatepark everyday after school My girlfriends dad would go skate with me he was old school into bowl riding and just carving (he grew up with Tony Hawk ans Stacey Perralta down in Cali.). Went off to college in Oklahoma and there was no where to skate, I got ticketed and fined for riding my board on the sidewalk. So I stopped riding, after college, I moved up to Portland worked for a company up there for a couple years visited Burnside daily on my lunch break... dated this girl, we broke up she stole my board and I moved back to Oklahoma... now I shoot guns and am looked at funny cause I'm the only one in my neighborhood that recycles... [/skateboarding life story]

my cousin was told (in a heavy Tennessee twain) "Christina, you step on that skateboard you're gonna break your foot!" she did and she did... so I'm sure she will never step on one ever again.

like most of you uncoordinated people with your stories of falling, and scraping your knee...

pussification of america...


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I skateboarded through high school pretty regularly, but never got great at it. Ollied a 5-set once and I was alright at flip tricks. It was grand though, because all your friends were skateboarders, so when you hung out, you skated. Steve Berra was my hero and Koston was pretty alright too.

Two years ago on my birthday, I was in Milwaukee at the bars with some friends and wearing a flightsuit. There was some kid skating in the street and in my quite inebriated state convinced him to let me give it a spin. Landed a kickflip my first try and then stopped before anything bad could happen. haha. One of my better memories.