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Well I can at least attest to the resounding quality of this when used to steam bend wood!

It worked like a champ. Fairly quickly got the box to 212 degrees and generated steam for a solid hour.


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I use this thing daily. Before I would either:
*Not bother with wrinkles - life is too short
*Try and quickly remove clothes from the dryer and promptly hang
*Nicely ask my wife to iron me something.

But now:
Life is too short NOT to steam your clothes. I can throw caution to the wind and take my clothes out of the dryer whenever I want. And I can save up all my extra wife points for something better.

Just a few notes for successful operation:

Let it heat up 1st. It will provide some inital steam, but it will have some liquid water in the steam so you might get water spots.

I use distilled water, or partially full water bottles my kids leave around the house. Keeps the mineral deposits to a minimum.

Happy steaming!