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Slap down about $9 for 24 of them at Sams. Twitch,twitch,I'm on a two a day habit sniff twitch twitch but I can stop anytime twitch I want to.Sorry hard to type with this sticky ice cream bar in my hand.


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ahacksaw wrote:I am meh on Klondike bars. But you don't want to know what I would do for a ChocoTaco.

ChocoTacos FTW!!!


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I would go to walmart and purchase the walmart brand.


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Nothing, they're icky.


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hennessy08 wrote:Go to the store. The fad of what would you do for a Klondike Bar needs to go away.

Yes! They are crappy ice cream and lousy chocolate.


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Nothing, they are made using milk, which is food for baby cows only...and they are pumped full of chemicals and drugs.

20070920 - Zune - white


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Probably give up my Woot Charter Member certificate. And also remind everyone that Woot jumped the shark when I got that


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I would be willing to drive to a grocery store to purchase a box.

But then again I've always been more of a Snickers Ice Cream Bar kind of fellow.


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cisforcookie1985 wrote:wait, distasteful in a good way, right?



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Throw it into a volcano, and melt. They are made in a factory that processes nuts... So I can't eat them


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I've killed a man for a Klondike bar. Well... I killed him and then found one in his fridge. I guess that counts though.