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ViewSonic 10.1" Android Tablet

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ViewSonic 10.1" Android Tablet
$219.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Froyo 2.2? Here's a much better choice:


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I remember when I used to want one of these so bad...

...i'm glad I couldn't get one.


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ok,is thisa joke 219 bucks for this , i am trully sad


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'90s version of a tablet:

I Bet on Sky


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at least it looks like more fun to play around with it ;)

miken927 wrote:'90s version of a tablet:


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I had one of these. I really liked it, but it seemed like Viewsonic wasn't willing to support it. When it was new, it had decent performance compared to other tablets. Unfortunately, the last update that they made for it seemed to make the device more unstable, and caused several of my apps to crash out.

For the price, just go buy a Nexus 7.

Dave94LX, the other white meat.


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Thanks, Tennessee, for keeping this Woot-Off moving.


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I have two of these, which have become my kids toys. Once I loaded SmootherBean ROM (XDA forum), they are actually kind of nice. Also, watch out for the power plug connection going, I had to send both mine off for MOBO replacement while still under warranty. I was surprised at the price this fetched.