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I don't know about you, but one of my favorite pastimes is sitting down and staring at myself. In order to do that, I need a) a good mirror and b) a good chair. Well, all of that's here, my friend. That, and a few tables too.

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ThunderThighs wrote:Mirror, mirror on the floor. Show me that again and you're going behind the door.
I'm just hanging out, really.


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The Braxton molded chair is a knock-off of the Eames molded chair by Herman Miller.

The real ones retail for over $400 a piece, but it's true designer furniture that holds its value.

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Holding value is all well and good, but sometimes you just want the look and not an investment. I like how Eames chairs look. Am I willing to pay over $1200 for four of them? Heck no.


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On Amazon, the chairs are on sale for $183, but Amazon gives a higher list price for these: $242.

White Birch Chairs on Amazon.


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I'm thinking about the 3-legged table for my patio... which is made of uneven sandstone. 4-legged things are unstable but a tripod won't wobble.


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I am confused... is this for a single chair or 2 chairs. I don't understand the "2 pieces" in the description. (I am referring to the Eames style chairs).

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Here's a similar? table on Design Within Reach Table Over $800


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I have the same question as glecleir - is it 1 chair that comes in 2 pieces or 2 chairs?


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jeccaree wrote:I have the same question as glecleir - is it 1 chair that comes in 2 pieces or 2 chairs?

In the features it says:

This item is sold as a set of two, and assembly is required

You are getting two chairs.

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Ok, you got me. I bought a coffee table and two of the marble tables. I wish I could get one of the three-tier tables.

Woot: if you manage to find another three-tier table in your warehouse, I'd love to get one of those, too...


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I love the mirror I got. I've never had a full length mirror and now I do and it looks great, until I walk past it!

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