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Optoma Mobile LED Projector

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Optoma Mobile LED Projector
$418.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Only 500 Lumens? NO tanks!

Is it wrong if i'm watching woot while driving home?
If it is - i don't wanna be right.
(wootters anon)


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$419 for a 500 lumen projector? Ouch. Good inputs, but dang! Could really only use this in a really dark room, which the mobile-ness of it doesn't usually come into play. Mobile projectors, good for business travel.. usually in somewhat lit rooms.


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Maybe someone will buy the remaining 19 and move us along to the next Woot...or maybe I'll be hitting F5 for the next few hours waiting for this Woot-Off to end uneventfully.

I smell like an air freshener.


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Optoma never should have gotten a second term.


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Sloooooow goings here.


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calban wrote:Only 500 Lumens? NO tanks!

Yeah, gotta have at least 750, and even that's pushing it quite a bit.

I Bet on Sky