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Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S w/ Cradle

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Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S w/ Cradle
$259.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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I got one, I regret it. Get a Nexus 7, reliable and cheaper. This one has glitchy apps and at times, with full battery, I'll come home from work and it turned off on its own, or I take a nap and I leave it downloading and I wake up to it being off. Not sure why it does that, but Sony's nack of not letting one root or load custom firmware just screws up the availablity of a function OS for this tablet. The only good point on the tab is the remote feature, but so many times it freezes on me and closes out that I just grab the good ole fashioned one instead of waiting for it to reload.


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I purchased one back in August of 2012. It started out as a great tablet but now, I'm aggravated by the constant reboots and gold ribbon.

If I have to do a Factory Reset, I'm really going to get upset. At this point in time, a factory reset just might be my only option since nothing else has worked so far.