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LightWedge 10" Tablet Coverz

Yes, these work with every generation of the iPad. But hey, there are a lot of other 10" tablets out there, like the...umm...Samsung one? And maybe Sony makes one? Oh, oh, doesn't Amazon have one now too? It's hard to keep track. 
LightWedge official site


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Wondering if it'll fit a Kindle Fire HD (8.9")


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zadrewmafoo wrote:Wondering if it'll fit a Kindle Fire HD (8.9")

The description states 10" tablets.

EDIT: Here's a similar style for Kindle Fire HD via Amazon


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It looks like each cover has different pockets. Fro example, the Antique Red has two pockets and a business card holder.

The Blue Marbled only has one pocket.

The composition book has nothing.

Also seems like none of them zip.


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I see this fits the ipad perfectly, bit the Motorola Xoom isn't as wide as the ipad. The website says it will fit, but I am skeptical. Can anyone verify this?


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I have the Antique Red cover. The wife paid a lot more than 15 bucks for it! It is a nice case, fits my iPad nicely. It is a cover, nothing else. The specs page state it Fits: iPad 1, 2, & 3rd, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, Acer Iconia Tab A500, Lenovo Idea Pad, Asus Transformer, LG Optimus.


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Got the same exact black and white cover for 5 bucks at Five Below.


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I have the iPad mini. I loved the composition book case. I ordered from a different company though. Portenzo. The case is absolutely FANTASTIC. The quality is incredible. Their cases are made with bamboo wood to keep the case in place. I shook it (above my bed of course) and the case didn't move an inch. While they are pricey, they're worth every penny.


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I have one of the prologue style ones in a different size, and I love the feeling of the faux leather, and it looks really classy. This is an amazing deal.


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Hate to tell everyone this but they are at 5 below for 5 dollars.


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will they fit a sony S tablet?


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Just bought a Nexus 7 for the wife.

Shame that this sale is limited to 10" tablets.


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zoey98677@yahoo.com wrote:Hate to tell everyone this but they are at 5 below for 5 dollars.

Really? I'll go there today to verify this.

I saw that the covers were available via Amazon as well for $15.99 (third party vendor). If you have prime, 2-day shipping is free.


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Just went to 5 Below and picked up one today! Selection was a little different at mine but $5 is much better than $15. Fit my Asus 10" perfectly


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I have the "composition" for my Kindle Fire, so it's a bit smaller than this particular model. The details are quite lovely. The exterior is a not-unpleasant laminated feeling (feels more durable than an actual composition book cover) and the interior is soft ultrasuede (feels like suede but not made from critters) and lined, just like a regular composition book. I have to say, that while it doesn't bend in any way to support my kindle fire as a stand, it is otherwise a fantastic case. I feel like I should by one for the eventuality of getting an iPad... That's how much I like the case.


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zoey98677@yahoo.com wrote:Hate to tell everyone this but they are at 5 below for 5 dollars.

Which is great but not if the closest $5 store is over 1500 miles away.


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Doesn't look like it has a hole in the back for a rear camera (iPad 2, 3, probably 4).
The preview pics don't show it, but a review on a different site mentions the lack of a hole.


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Here's the compatibility page from the LightWedge website. As adenicolo says, it lists some specific devices ... not nearly every 10" tablet available.

I'd suggest only buying a case/cover with elastic retainers when you can stand there in the store, put your tablet in it, and see whether you trust the thing to protect your precious.

It's not just whether the elastic is Wimpy or Popeye, it's the size of the tablet. And lumping together all tablets with "10-inch screens" doesn't tell the tale. The elastic isn't holding just the screen ... it's holding the whole tablet!

That there includes yer length, it includes yer width, and it definitely includes yer thickness! (Or your tablet's....)

Most tablets with "10-inch screens" actually have (I think) screens that measure ~10.1" diagonally. And the space they occupy - and the amount they stretch the elastic - can be "quite" different.


    Google Nexus 10 - 10.055" screen - 25.45 cu. in.
    Apple iPad - 9.7" screen - 25.69 cu. in.
    Microsoft Surface Pro - 10.6" screen - 39.02 cu. in.
    HP Compaq TC1100 - 10.4" screen - 72.75 cu. in.
    ^^^^^ made in 2004

Stick that in yer elastics, I dare ya! ;-)


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I went to my area Five Below and saw a lot of covers that LOOK like the ones offered here, but the brands were different.


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I've had the antique red one for about 9 months now and with everyday use in my iPad has held up well.
Bought it through Marshall's for 9.99 one day while there with my daughter . The good is the elastic that holds the iPad has stood up all this time, unlike some other models which loose the elasticity over time.
Sme one posted about not a complete closure system, I find it convenient for the transport that I do, which is in my briefcase from home to office and n between meetings it is convenient opening.
Plugging the iPad in to chafe while inside the cover takes a little jiggling but once in is secured