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Happy Music Monday! There isn't much to say about romance that hasn't already been said, so this week, in honor of Valentine's Day, Scott's taking a different approach. He's made a five song mix based around the man who started the one-name fad: Romeo! Ready to fall in love with his picks? Here's the first one:

The Wipers - Romeo


The kid who got in a sword fight on the streets of Verona would surely jump to attention at the snap of an electric guitar. The Wipers turn the classic old story into an energy-filled race through a dark city in the name of love. You can just tell someone's going to get stabbed when you hear that scream.

While we'd love to have more Romeo songs in our mix, we'll make it easy for you: this week you can also post your favorite love song. The catch? You've got to tell us why it's your favorite. In the meantime, you'll find four more songs from Scott and last week's Spotify playlist after the jump. We'd love to see you there!

Our well-timed Spotify playlist will be featuring a great selection from last week's Music Monday comments. The theme of the mix this time is Anti-Love Songs just in case you need to balance out all the candy and lace you'll be running into this week. But before you start reminiscing, give your heart to our current Music Monday!

The Reflections - Just Like Romeo And Juliet


1964 was a good year for people falling in love. Sure, a lot of those Romeo-age teens would soon be protesting and experimenting, but not when this song first appeared. In the doo-wop like rhythms and the pleasant out-of-the-way sax, you can hear a complete lack of any sort of danger. Kids like this? They'd never worry about sneaking out to someone's balcony. What's the worst that could happen in such a safe place? Needing a nap the next day?

Taylor Swift - Love Story


A lot of people hate on tween pop, but every generation needs its own love songs. Taylor Swift doesn't say anything new in her version of Romeo and Juliet, but for a young kid just reading Shakespeare for the very first time in English class? This song would resonate like the Batman theme to a comics nerd. And clearly, it did.

Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet


Yeah, see? All you people scoffing at Taylor Swift just came running right back in with smiles on your faces. What's the difference between this one and the song above it? Maybe Mark Knopfler's version sounds a little more mature, but it's still the same basic song. Boy meets girl, boy loses his heart, boy takes a chance. That having been said, Taylor Swift could learn a thing or two about lyrics from this one. Still one of my favorite love songs.

Steve Forbert - Romeo's Tune


A sweet little pop song that isn't slick, or really even very produced. Just a nice keyboard riff and some heartfelt feelings about sneaking away from reality for a while. And, really, what else IS teenage love?

Show your love by joining our pals in our Turntable.fm room for the regular Music Monday enjoyment. Maybe throw a love song in the comments too. Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.

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Since you went on a tangent with the Steve Forbert tune, I'll list the following songs where the singer trys to persuade, or likens their relationship to the one of Romeo & Juliet's:

"Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult

"Fire" by Bruce Springsteen (Pointer Sisters version is great too)

"Fever" by Peggy Lee

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I sing no love songs, no forsworn Romeos or roses, but bring thee Queen Mab!

I've never heard it delivered as anything but a monologue before, but you inspired me to go hunting for a Musical Mab rendition.


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While we'd love to have more Romeo songs in our mix, we'll make it easy for you: this week you can also post your favorite love song. The catch? You've got to tell us why it's your favorite. In the meantime, you'll find four more songs from Scott and last week's Spotify playlist after the jump. We'd love to see you there!

I'll take that route.

As much surprise to nobody I'll be going with one of my number 1 Turntable songs:

Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in anything

I saw these guys back in early 2004 and had no idea who they were. It was this song and "this heart's on fire" that made me love the band and search for more of them. Anyways I digress, I would like to believe this ended up being their most popular song, but I could always be wrong.

Why though? There is just so much sappy romantic imagery oozing out of this song. I've just always thought this to be one of the most romantic songs out there.

Lines like:
"Give me your eyes, I need sunshine
Your blood, your bones, your voice, and your ghost"

"And I could take another hit for you...take away your trips from you...take away the salt from your eyes...Take away what's been assaulting you"

Jeeze its. Just the writer is willing to do anything just to be with this woman, heart body and soul. It's a fantastic song. You could pick any line out of this song and it's all pretty. I only covered a couple. Besides, isn't half the fun of drawing your own meanings out of fun? Why should I ruin the rest by giving you my opinion on every line in a song


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Curses, once again I am at work and cannot justify the search history for a Christian Death song! That being said, the best Romeo song is Romeo's Distress from "Only Theatre of Pain" and when I get home I will find a link to the Lydia Lunch spoken word piece "Black Romeo." It's about killing a cat.

It's like I'm offering you a big bag of the early '80's for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

Later: good lord, is the internet so cat-centric that "Black Romeo" has been banned?! I can't find it anywhere; not even the text. If I were more organized/less lazy I would either upload the track from my cassette of "The Uncensored Lydia Lunch" or dig out the copy of Forced Exposure where the text is printed. But that's a lot of work for very little pay-off, so I won't. The good news is that it was totally off-topic.

Unrelated, except in a hey, it's 1981 or so way: I can't believe that in last week's topic I forgot one of my all-time favorite anti-love songs, Soft Cell's Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.


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I don't wanna go
'ey Romeo!
There's somethin' down there

Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement - YouTube

Favorite love song.... Can't call it, bro.

The Fluid 'Our Love Will Still Be There' - YouTube Troggs cover. Always had a soft spot for this one.
Beatles: It's All Too Much, Golden Slumbers, I Want To Tell You, Every Little Thing

Can't find it, but Shone Knife - The Perfect World.
"When I reach out to you it feels like coming home"

Hits me right in the feelers everytime....


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Oh, fine... Love songs. I'm including hopeless crushing, humping, and lust, since they're so very often tied together.

Paramore - "CrushCrushCrush"
(A "Would you be my Valentine?" song.)

Felicia Day (The Guild) - "Do You Wanna Date my Avatar"
(A "Virtual Playdate Valentine" song)

"The Stars and the Moon"
(That encompassing, painful, engaging love that is passed over money and fame.)

Tripod - "Gonna Make You Happy"
(The platonic love between a gamer and his LTG... aka - too busy playing with the xbox to play with HER xbox.)

AKon (as covered by The Maine) - "I Wanna Love You"
(... love in a more physical sense)

Picard sings it the better than any of the above videos, as only he can. ;D
(A Gene Roddenberry Birthday Treat)

I also suggest any Cole Porter/Frank Sinatra or Cole Porter/Bing Crosby love songs as well.

ROFL - Misunderstood the main post.

FAVORITE love song?
That's a hard one, when there are so many...


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OK, it took all week, the above off topic post, and a drive home in the dark to figure it out.

Favorite love song.
OK, here goes. Remember, you did ask why... and this "why" comes in two parts.

Remember how the music you listened to as a kid still kind of sticks with you? For me, unfortunately, that was Doo-wop, with some 60s and 70s mixed in. My sister had it tuned to the oldies station, and ignored all requests to change the frequency to the "Newest Hits" station, so my Music Education was The Beatles, The Supremes, and so on, and so forth.

So, Fast-Forward.

A relationship (and a half) later, I'm between boyfriends, using a dating site, and already pretty wary of most profiles and their corresponding dudes. One of the functions of the website was to tag "matches" for potential "friend" matches as well as "love" compatibility matches. Someone, following this, started chatting with me using the internal chat function. Lo and behold! They liked things I LIKED! They weren't looking for a relationship right away!!

We carried on chatting internally on the system off and on for a good month or so, and finally agreed to catch a movie together.

So I'm in the area, not at the designated meeting area yet, early for the "date" by about three hours, in a bookstore parking lot, killing time. It's a warm summer evening, my radio is on, my windows are down, and this song is playing:

I'm sitting in the car, thinking about how much I like the song, how the lyrics appeal to the emotive side and not the lusty or sexually repressed side, and how warm and gentle the music seems, surrounding the interior of the car.

And a person walks past my car just as it ends, who just happens to match the description of the guy I'm supposed to meet. At my favorite bookstore, in the area, three hours before our date. The song winds down; I flag him.

... And we literally have the best date in the history of all platonic "let's hang out more often" dates.

The End.

(True Story.)