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Gunnar Weezer Computer/Gaming Eyewear

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Sometimes gaming can get THAT real. Safety Phirst.

(edit - Seriously, I can't use the word, "F-i-r-s-t?")


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jmackinac wrote:Sometimes gaming can get THAT real. Safety Phirst.

(edit - Seriously, I can't use the word, "F-i-r-s-t?")

I hear they're nice, but for those of us with a prescription... I think that adds like $150.

That's a bit much.


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jmackinac, you mean "ONLY" not first....lol


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Weezer is cool, they hang out with Muppets.

I Bet on Sky


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Since these are about to sell out, I probably won't get in too much trouble by telling people that they should maybe look instead to yellow shooting glasses (check eBay) or "driving" sunglasses or even to just adjusting the color temperature of their monitors.

However, the real demon isn't your monitor, it's the fluorescent lights above your head. Instead of buying the glasses, unscrew the lights above your cubicle. IT staff have been doing this for decades.


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This product is so full of awesome. It's a crime that the Amazon customer reviews haven't reached Three Wolf Moon status. 'cause really, that's one of the greatest Manufacturer's Product Descriptions I've read in some time. I bet they sell a version that cures cancer, too.