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Some people don't work in cubicles.

They work in warehouses.

Or hospitals.

Or restaurants.

Or mortuaries.

If you're not surrounded by the soft walls of a cubicle and you're unshackled from an office environment, why not share with the rest of us? Please?
We don't remember what it looks like out there.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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I'm a librarian. I work in a library.

I Bet on Sky


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retired from the ugly, worn, grey cubicles - best move ever!


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I work for a self-storage facility. I work at 4 of their 5 stores, but the pictures below are of my favorite one. My customers there love me, and I get gifts from some of them!

First picture is the back of my office which has an upstairs. Upstairs, and the other doors on the back are some of their climate control units, and then looking down, two of their buildings.

Second picture is the office. As you can tell, we currently have a box explosion! The boss ordered way too many, lol!~


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Until 2 months ago I worked at a desk, not a cubicle...
In my home...
For xbox support.

Quite an enjoyable job, for a while atleast.