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Office supplies are commonly stocked by the company you work for and are usually pretty generic stuff; notepads, highlighters, pens, staplers, etc...

But the REAL fun comes when you get to decorate and accessorize YOUR own desk with all kinds of cool gadgets and necessities. Who's got the coolest desk setup at your workplace? Yeah, it's the person with the awesome little gizmos and accessories that make your life a bit more efficient...and definitely better to look at during coffee breaks.

Here is a list of my
(in no particular order)


Yeah okay, so sometimes I have a snack at my desk and little chunks of break get stuck in the keys of my keyboard. This gooey invention is not only great at cleaning up, but it's also really fun to play with!

In-Desk USB 4-Port HUB

Does your laptop not have enough USB ports to power your sweet gadgets? Well this sucker is really helpful in helping you keep connected and powered up.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

One of my biggest pet peeves is luke warm coffee. Is there anything more disgusting? (Don't answer that..) This little bad-boy is great at keeping your coffee nice and bubbling for hours, while you send out that company memo everyone's been waiting for..

Battlestar Gallactica Lunchbox

Allright, so I don't necessarily have this and it also isn't exactly an "office accessory"..BUT..come's pretty frickin' sweet!

Staple-Free Stapler

What? Man technology has come a long way...staple-free?! These things are real helpful when you get aggravated with refiling those tiny, darn staples.

Belkin Velcro Cable Ties

Who doesn't like velcro? The sound and the feeling when you pull them apart? Invigorating...
Also...these keep your power cables all bundled and organized...WIN-WIN folks...


Yeah, some companies stock these, but let's be real. So many great epiphanies and bits of inspiration were written on these little guys. You always need one when they're not around...and they're even more fun to make designs with.


They're not just for writing on your friend's face when he's passed out?

Rubber Bands

I never honestly understood why these hang around the office. I guess they're fun to start rubber band wars and they're great for playing with while working at your desk. But does anybody actually use them for work-related purposes?!

Bubble Wrap

No description needed. You know you love it.

Please feel free to share your guys' favorite office supplies too!

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For some reason I'm a big fan of the magnetic paper clip holder thingy. Comes in handy for that one time every two years I actually use a paper clip.

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