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Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic

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Had one of these for about 1.5 years... nothing but trouble.

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I have one of these. The Tom-Tom I had before was faster and more accurate.

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Had one, returned.. Slow, missing lots of roads, can never connect to their server to update, only gives you "server busy" messages

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Bought one last time it was on woot, haven't had any issues, although it's our first gps so I don't know if maybe we're just not fancy enough. You put in the address, you hit "Go", you're done. Only thing is, seems like we have to plug it in every time we use it. Doesn't hold a charge worth a darn. But that's probly cause we don't use it on a daily basis. Honestly, if you're a casual gps-er, it's gonna be fine.


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got one of these two christmases ago. Worst hunk of junk. Consumer reports found the free app on your smart phone do a much better job. Magellan has really fallen apart at this point.


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Got mine a month or so ago. I bought it mostly because it's bluetooth enabled so I can use it to talk hands-free in my car, but I have had no problems so far using it around town. It's identified major traffic problems, and routed me around fine, and catches up and re-routes me quickly when I miss a turn.

Haven't tried updating it (although I probably should just to be sure), nor have I taken it across state lines, but so far so good.