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Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful. But it's taken a week for the product to reach my local Post Office since it was shipped.

Not a week since it was ordered. A week since it was shipped.

It now says it will be 1-2 more days before it arrives at my door.

It took FedEx 34 hours to go from a location a 3.5-hour-drive away to my local Post Office. It just further reinforces the distaste I have for FedEx.

During my last delivery experience via FedEx (not from Woot, mind you), the package arrived in-town at 5:12am. It sat until 8am the next day (31 hours) before it went out for local delivery. I understand the local truck "may" have left or been full or something before the 5:12am-arriving package got moving through the local FedEx office. But I see nothing like this with UPS. UPS gets packages arriving before 7am onto that day's trucks around here.

No, I'm not affiliated with any shipping, packaging, retailing, or wholesaling company. I'm just a world-wide-web consumer who's constantly disappointed by FedEx delivery timelines and even moreso by the hybrid FedEx/Post Office shipping deals.

Thank you for letting me rant. I know, I know, it's free shipping. But today's shipping and delivery sure has higher expectations regardless of price.


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You must not have met SmartPost... Items would take weeks to reach me via the snail. This new shipping is rocket-fast compared to that.