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I just bought my first item on Woot (a pair of Corsair headphones), a deal which took place on March 9th. So, my order was placed on March 9th.

Just today (Friday), nearly a week later, I JUST get the confirmation that the order shipped. Really? Not to mention the tracking number given to me doesn't work (I'll try it again tomorrow).

Not that huge of a deal, but I've never had such sluggish shipping times. If it was free shipping, I may understand a little more, but it was $5 shipping for a relatively small item. When I order something on the weekend, it's usually shipped on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday if it's a little delayed (or is Amazon Super Saver Shipping), but Friday?

Anyways, just wondering if this is a common occurrence. Thanks.


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Woot orders typically ship within 5 business days. There are occasions where it will ship sooner but you really should count on it shipping in 4-5 business days. Woot has gotten better about shipping quicker though, many products go out much quicker now.

As for the tracking number. Most products are shipped out FedEx SmartPost and they are not handled with the highest priority (the reason why they will ship a 350 pound item for $5, it's a flat charge for every product). Tracking numbers typically take 24-48 hours to update and being Friday it may not update until Monday.


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Alright, thanks for the info. That's really too bad, $5 shipping on a small item isn't really cheap or a deal on shipping... If it was something 350lbs like you said, would be amazing, but I don't really come here to buy furniture and TVs, heh.

Really seems like the small items should have free shipping for such sluggish shipping times. The only slow shipping I could compare would be Amazon Super Saver Shipping, but... that's free.

Ah well, hopefully it won't take too long in the mail to get here.