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G-Form Extreme Sleeve for 10" Tablets

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Finally my tablet will be safe from tanks driving over it.


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Anyone know if this will hold a surface tablet that is 10.6 inches?


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So what extreme things would you need to be doing while carrying a tablet?


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Does anyone know if it will fit a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" properly/snugly?


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I remember drinking beer and staying up for a woot-off because I would get a shot at at sack this poo and spend a lot of money in the meanwhile... I am still sad


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I was going to buy 3 but the price isn't that great on this item sorry to say, Woot. Hopefully it will come down next time. This isn't a necessity for me but I would feel my tablets were safe in it. I've seen enough dropped, smashed glass on others tablets. Not my own thankfully.

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Last woot for me. There goes my free shipping and excuse to buy more crap...


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Apeture Sci- Er- Sandwich


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That's all folks!

2-Day Woot off!

B.O. Sea #15: 08/22/13


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These Asian kids don't agree on the toughness of these cases.