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Westinghouse Outdoor Landscape Lights

"Dancing in the Moonlight" makes a good song, but have you ever actually tried doing it? It sounds fun, but then you trip over a rabbit hole or slip on mud, and what was once an enjoyable night spent dancing becomes dirty clothes and scraped skin. Plus, there's that whole cloud factor. Why don't you just get some landscape lights instead?


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The spot lights are not very bright at all, and the light is that typical bluish color. Pretty disappointed.


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Let me run you through the math here so you understand just pathetic the light output from these things are.

You've got a 600maH AA battery. That's 1 watt-hour. Now that's spread out over 8 hours. That's 1/8 of a watt available to power the LED's.

So they've got 3 LED's in there. How bright are those? Well, with that kind of power available, about the same as a relatively bright power indicator on the front of a computer or piece of stereo equipment.

So that's what you've got here. Under the best of conditions, after a relatively sunny day - and of course all your days are sunny - you can have a bunch of little power indicator LED's lighting your way.

Mind you, in pitch black, that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. But not much better. And it's certainly not going to light up the tree branch you just ran into.


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I got the hanging ones and the bug zapper ones. My girlfriend being unconvinced solar could do the zapping of bugs bit changed her mind when i turned one on and waved it through a cloud of gnats to a satisfying popping sound.

The hanging ones give off a pleasant amount of light, I upgraded from "typical house in the ghetto", to "I bet a little old lady and her cats live in this house in the ghetto, those lights are so pretty"


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These things ought to be outlawed by all principles. Their light output is laughable, as you've mentioned. They only last a season, if you're lucky. Then they get thrown away with all that plastic and battery junk ending up in the landfill.

These really are for people who can't make up their mind on how a properly landscaped walkway ought to look. In the long-run, they are quite expensive, especially after you've replaced them 3 or 4 times. You would have been much farther ahead with low voltage wired lighting.



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I have 2 different sets of walkway lights around my house. Out on the front walk-up, I have a set of 10 Malibu lights that I installed, which run on a timer, running of the main power supply. In back, there are about 15 solar lights around the landscaping that were gifted to me by my father-in-law.

The ones out front look nice at night, put off usable light, and require only a once-every-couple years light bulb replacement. The ones out back, they are in direct sun 6-10 hours a day all year round, and the suckers never give more than about 2-4 hours of light. I even replaced the rechargeable batteries once, using nice Energizer brand rechargeable. No matter.

Bottom line: every set of solar lights I've ever seen or owned have been utterly disappointing. The solar lights I have do include an amber light (which is nice and natural looking, whereas the typical blue LED look is ugly). But the amber light is only viewable for a short while each evening, and if there were rainstorms during the day, then it's not gonna happen.


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Really bad reviews on Amazon. Four for $30 is a good deal, but the reviews are so bad I don't think I would bother.