atryus28 wrote:I purchased this unit for my basement. It gave me issues with the automatic pump for a while.

Unfortunately, today when I went in the basement I found that the unit no longer functions at all. I will now need to deal with support and possible replacement. I will post back with my experience, however, it looks like actual replacements need to come from woot. The documentation says to return it to the place it was purchased from.

I just called winix. They said they do not deal with, so I would need to contact woot.

She also mentioned that there have been a lot of calls from/for

Looks like maybe they canceled this product for a reason darn it. I want another one or my money back then. 2 months does not make for a quality product.

First, apologies. I'll let the buyer know so they can contact Winix and straighten this out. In the meantime, email for assistance.