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Diamondback BMX Bikes

Gas is not going back down. But your salary might be. Find the happy medium between the two… by buying a bike! Hey, if nothing else, it'll help you get in shape for when society finally collapses. Which, by our calculations, is going to be some time in June.
Diamondback official site


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ha when i was in 5th grade i had a diamond back venom...it was a really good BMX bike (much better than a dyno or mongoose). Mine wasn't as ugly as the blue one shown, it was black...but i remember it being like $400 when i got it. It was good for dirt jumps and going through trails and such.


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100% bought 1?

And, now the 18" is sold out. How many 18" DBs did you have?


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OK people, here's a head's up.

Dual. They's 2 of them.

Duel. One of them's gonna die.

Dual, duel?

Cm'on. Let's get real here.



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on the two mountain bikes, what's the difference with the 16" and 18" ? Is it just the seat height?


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blissful0ne wrote:on the two mountain bikes, what's the difference with the 16" and 18" ? Is it just the seat height?

Technically, 16/18 is referring to length of the tubing going from the crank up to the top where you would insert the seat post/seat. So the angled frame heading up to the handle bars would be a bit longer making the 18" just a larger bike.

They are sold out but I still wanted to type out the bit of bike knowledge I carry.



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a list of items consumed by Michel Lotito:

Bicycle 18
Shopping cart 15
Television 7
Chandelier 6
Bed 2
Skis (pair) 1
Cessna aircraft 1
Coffin 1
A steel chain 400 m

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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So I sat on this for a couple days and finally picked the green signature.. only to find it sold out maybe 1/2 hour before. Got the black one though.