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There is No i in Team Sports

Time to get the band back together, the band of brothers that is, by which we mean, your compadres in action, which is a clear euphemism for your rowdy bunch of athletic lum-lillies, otherwise known as your sports team. BECAUSE WE'RE SELLING TEAM SPORT STUFF!


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Please sell adult baseball gloves.


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Better picture this time, at least it is not Yankees headphones on the home dugout of the Nationals.


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A Tony Romo playmaker football? I heard every time you throw this ball it curves towards a person on the opposite team.


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Don't buy the court grip, it doesn't work but only for a few seconds, use alcohol instead.


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countdown wrote:Please sell adult baseball gloves.

Agree. And a couple more suggestions: Baseballs (you sell lots of golf balls, how about some love for the baseballers?) and senior league bats (for the older kids who aren't using high school/adult bats yet).


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countdown wrote:Please sell adult baseball gloves.



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What does Woot have against leftys?


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NuclearInferno wrote:What does Woot have against leftys?

They think in their right mind.

Personal info is personal.


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Romo could buy about 18,000,000 of his footballs with the Money Cowboys gave him yesterday


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No more baby gloves!


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What's with the hoop and no actual basketball?


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I guess with last years NFC east record you Texans have all kinds of Cowboy surplus stuff on the racks and needing to be sold. BWwwaaaaHHHhaaaaaHHHHaaaaaaaaa!