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Oh Gee! OGIO Laptop & Tablet Bags!

Your tablet? Your laptop? They're just like you or me. No, they don't have feelings, and no, they don't have self-esteem issues. But they do get embarrassed. Like, when they're naked, for example. So, you gotta cover them up, with some OGIO bags!
OGIO official site


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I got the Convoy backpack last go-round. I can now carry all my files and study materials, laptop, e-reader, calculator, pencils, and other nerd supplies in one place. I used to have to use a laptop shoulder bag, a reusable shopping bag, and a lunch bag.

Usually I hate the cliche "It changed my life," but now that I look less like a hobo and more like someone who made a wish and switched bodies with his teenage son, there's really no other way to put it.


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I used to work for a skate and surf shop for a little over a decade. I bought an Ogio backpack when they first came out. It's still holding up very well. Definitely recommend.


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wallet, sunglasses, pen/paper, cell phone, gum, lip goo, 1x dose of various meds, worry beads, earphones, handkerchief, folding fan, buff/headscarf, mini flashlight, and - of course - the occasional sanity check.

OGIO gym bags got me though many years of hard labor; although I don't have one now, I'm sure these will stand up to their brand's reputation


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I own a half dozen Ogio bags from back before they were a well-known brand. At that time the quality was quite high. Now it is just one of many bags lost in a group of mediocre quality. Dakine makes better stuff these days.


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I have the Pagoda L in black. Best work bag I have ever had. Easy for transit, and great when I have to fly.

I highly recommend them!


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I ordered both the 11" and a 13" for my wife's 11 inch macbook air and my 13" macbook air.
They are booth great - BUT the 11 inch is much larger than the 13" and the 13" fits both of our books just fine - the 11" is almost square - a sloppy fit for the macbook air 13" - I would have gotten two 13" bags had I known this - and skipped the purchase of the 11" bag all together. BE WARNED.