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mm20 wrote:62 comments thus far, and maybe 5 of them are useful.

Trolls, they be everywhere.

If you don't find the Guy Fieri digs useful, then you aren't listening hard enough!

Technically, the glass is always full.


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looks like the original prices on these were around 75.00, currently selling for 60.00 on amazon. Over four star reviews for the chef knives... seems like a solid deal! I honestly doubt most people I know even know who Guy is, so I won't be ridiculed too much...


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Where's the "Irritating Gob" knife?


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countdown wrote:"Wow, Guy Fieri's name is on it; it must be good." Said no one ever.

Best. Comment. Ever.


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Well I got a set of three at SAMs club last month for 49.99. I thought this was for a set of three until I went to check out.


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radi0j0hn wrote:My reaction entirely, first-class brisket cutters for McBee's Barbecue south of San Antonio.

(Then, next, the New York Jets ones would be switchblades.)

Hah - I thought they were Houston Texans knives too and were going to buy them just for that


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Would these work to cut my "Smores Indoors Pizza" ?


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This would have been an amazing offering exactly 20 days ago.


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do u get all 3 or get to pick one?


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very very good price on these knives. they are currently "on sale" on the food networks site for $75 each $120 normal.


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Obligatory Homestuck reference.


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airspoon wrote:The tang has nothing do with how pleasurable a knife is to use (other than maybe weight, which can be compensated for), but rather the sturdiness and strength of the knife. With that said, I would never recommend a knife without a full tang. I didn't even realize that American-made knives are sold without a full tang.

Full tang is better than a thin tang stuck in a piece of wood, where it can come out, or with light plastic handles, where balance can be an issue, but it isn't required.

Neither Global nor Shun knives, for example, are full tang (nor are the forged), but they've got good balance and aren't going to separate.

Is there some other benefit to full tang you've got in mind?


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TheTexasTwister wrote:I almost bought these knives then when I glanced at the design on the handles and thought they were tied in with the Houston Texans football franchise. Imagine my disappointment when I read further and found out they were Guy Fieri knives.

Houston Texans' knives would have been so much better. In every way possible.

Glad I wasn't the only one


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Meh, whatever - don't really care about the shame of owning an ostentatious knife. Will just pass it off as an ironic buy if anyone questions them.

I need a cleaver and a big chef knife, so I'm in for two in the midnight series. Living with roommates, so I want knives that are decent quality, but wouldn't make me butthurt if someone (including me) manhandled them.

Actually dig the whole downstairs mixup on the bottom of the chef knife's handle; seems like it'd be useful for garlic crushing.


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craigthom wrote:Is there some other benefit to full tang you've got in mind?

From what I've read, as a knife blade is sharpened over the years the weight changes and the balance is lost. The tang can be ground down to 'rebalance' the knife. Only a full tang could be ground down to accomplish that.

Filed that under 'things I know but will never need to do in my life.'


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jaisaii wrote:does anyone know exactly when it was that GF decided to change how he pronounced his name from fee-air-ee to fee-ahd-dee? WHAT A D... !

Actually, his real last name is Ferry. He changed it to Fieri because it sounded "cooler".