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Movado and ESQ Movado Watches

A watch won't play "Angry Birds" and a watch won't give you restaurant reviews and a watch won't tell you how to catch the next bus. But a watch will tell you that you've got three, blissful hours in which you can get lost and explore. And THAT'S why people still love watches.
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I have an ESQ Movado watch, not one of the ones for sale here, and the watch is very impressive. Works great and I can't say enough about the compliments I get. Get one for a steal.


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These watches look really nice, the ladies options in particular. I searched around for price comps, and the ESQ Ladies Verona ($455 here + shipping), same model, is on eBay Buy It Now for $390, free shipping.

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I've already found the Centurion for $240 and the Stratus for $350 on Ebay as well, both say "New without Tags"... Not too sure what that means, but both have free shipping as well...

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C'mon... where are the Movado watches for MEN!? Once again, the ladies have all the luck...

For those curious about the Movado brand: I collect watches in the under-$2,000 price range. My collection includes a couple of Movados. They are attractive watches made of superior materials and the mechanisms run very well. It's basically a well-crafted designer watch for people who can't afford (or simply don't want to spend money on) Rolex, TAG, OMEGA, etc.

The ESQ line is fine. Obviously, it's Movado's less expensive line, which allows them to use their trademark to market to consumers who want the trademark name but can't afford (or don't want to pay) the price of the primary line. The hope is by adding the additional trademark (ESQ), the company can appeal to this market segment without devaluing the primary trademark (because people who know enough about watches understand the price and quality difference between the "Movado" and "Movodo ESQ" trademarks). This marketing strategy is not uncommon in the fashion industry as a whole (seems every company has a "factory" line now), or among watchmakers (e.g., Pulsar by Seiko).

ESQ is probably not any better than or significantly different from comparable Seiko or Citizen watches, which are on average a lot cheaper, in terms of materials, reliability, or overall quality. BUT, at Woot's prices, these ESQ watches are comparable in price to Seiko or Citizen. So, if you like the look enough to part with the cash, go for it!

One final note: Other online retailers frequently discount the ESQ line as steeply (or a little more so) than this deal, so if Woot sells out or you don't love the style, shop around. But, be aware that if you buy from a grey market retailer, the manufacturer probably won't honor the warranty, and there's a small chance you might get a counterfeit.... [Woot is obviously legit, and these watches come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.]


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I've owned the Movado Centurion for a few years--or at least something that looks exactly like it, but with black instead of red lettering.

I love the watch. It was a gift and I thought I'd upgrade to something higher end down the line, but I don't see why I would now. It looks and feels like a mighty fine watch. It was bought refurbished from a factory outlet store and developed a couple minor problems--I sent it in under warranty and they went above and beyond restoring the watch at no cost. It's been flawless ever since.


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Thanks for your post that was very informative!!!


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The compass watch is 18mm tall-- almost 3/4 inch! That's like two watches stacked on top of each other. No wonder they're on sale.