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Radiate LED Lighted Skateboards

Skate Or Dye! That used to be an either/or statement. But now, with these well-lit skateboards, you can skate AND dye… with light! And people who tag with light don't get arrested and slapped with fines. Just FYI.


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Pretty cool looking
But wouldn't they get worn down really fast if you grind?


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lifevirusx wrote:Pretty cool looking
But wouldn't they get worn down really fast if you grind?

The trucks probably would, but the LEDs aren't in the trucks.. so not a biggie.

If you are talking about doing boardslides and wearing through the deck itself, yeah, I could see that being a concern.. but mostly the type of folks buying this skateboard won't have to worry about that.



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I feel like the only thing this board would be good for is just cruising around or putting it on your wall. You would be a fool to boardslide this deck or do any kind of remotely high drops, considering it doesn't really take much to land somewhat wrong and snap the deck in 2 pieces.


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On Radiate's web site, every skateboard comes with a charger and skate tool.

Do the ones sold on Woot include these items?

UPDATED: I e-mailed Woot Support and they said no, it only comes with exactly what is already listed.